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March 19, 2009

Netbook Accessories That Are Worth It

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Whether you read the morning paper, check your news online or head to an electronics store, you are likely hearing a lot of buzz about the latest trend in personal computing, Netbooks.

Netbooks are more compact than traditional laptops, and offer screen sizes ranging from 7” to 10” inches. These devices were created to allow users to utilize Internet browsing and email as well as other Web-based applications in a mobile setting. Netbooks are the perfect computing tool for on-the-go users as they are simple to use, affordable and easy to tote around (they typically don’t weigh more than three pounds).

Netbooks have emerged as the hot product for 2009, and because of that many devices have been created to work with these new computers.

IOGEAR offers the USB Laptop KVM Switch, which easily plugs into a USB port and allows for files to be transferred and copied between your Netbook and Desktop or main Laptop. Now, you don’t have to use the small screen of your Netbook when traveling. You can access documents and view your work from a larger monitor more securely, whether for work or personal use.

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Other gadgets that come in handy when using Netbooks are Bluetooth adapters which are great solutions for mobile computing, external keyboards for using your Netbook at home or in the office like IOGEAR’s Spill-Resistant Desktop and external speakers in order to listen to audio from your computer.

For more information about Netbooks, check out this informative piece by GigaOM’s Kevin Tofel.

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