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August 31, 2011

Online Reviews, More Feedback than you can Stomach

With the glut of technology products being launched daily, we’re fortunate to have the Internet as a seemingly endless source of feedback on all things tech and otherwise. Of course, there are many different levels to choose from. End user reviews from sites like Amazon, NewEgg and Anandtech offer no-holds-barred criticism and praise for gear, the only drawback being you don’t always know the contributor’s level of acumen or the quality of the other hardware being used. But even so, there’s no questioning the value of end user feedback.

For a slightly different perspective you have the professional product reviewer. Often an editor/journalist representing a media outlet, a blogger or a full-time reviewer, he or she is expected to possess a higher level of acumen, use the product to its specifications, and provide both the good and critical points, while sharing the details regarding all associated equipment that was used.

As a company, we are very responsive to media and professional reviewer requests. Below are some of the recent IOGEAR product reviews that have been written, we hope they can be useful to those considering any of these connectivity solutions.


August 15, 2011

IOGEAR Helps Ignite High Performance Racing Systems

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Because IOGEAR products often work behind the scenes, they don’t always get the wow factor attention like a huge flatscreen TV or audiophile grade speakers. In fact, many of our KVM products and convergence accessories are stashed out of sight, happily performing their duties with no fanfare. Occasionally, we catch wind of an application in a specific industry that warrants mentioning.

MSD ignition IOGEAR Helps Ignite High Performance Racing Systems



August 8, 2011

Online Content Replacing Pay TV, but What About Sports?

The Hollywood Reporter, a longtime home for behind-the-scenes reporting on celebrities and the entertainment industry, offered some interesting statistics on the Internet’s growing influence over what we watch on TV. The article, quoting analyst reports from research firm SNL Kagan, stated the following:

“…homes that rely on Internet-based distribution to view professionally produced content in lieu of a traditional pay TV subscription will grow from 2.5 million at the end of 2010 to 8.6 million in 2013 and 12.1 million in 2015. Those estimates amount to 2 percent of occupied U.S. homes in 2010, about 7 percent in 2013 and nearly 10 percent in 2015.”

wireless 3d Online Content Replacing Pay TV, but What About Sports?


August 3, 2011

Nobel Prize Winner Digs Technology in the Classroom

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Continuing our blog series on education technology, we found an interesting article highlighting some innovative concepts suggested by the president of a company that installs AV solutions for schools and classrooms.

tech classroom Nobel Prize Winner Digs Technology in the Classroom



August 1, 2011

Early Adopter Headaches Not a Problem for Value-Conscious Tech Consumers

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It takes a dedicated technophile to invest in the first iteration of a new tech product, which often has minor bugs that never appear until end users start rigorously putting a device to the test. Beyond glitches, early adopters also pay a significantly higher price to wear the crown of being first to use new technologies. The AOL article “150,000 iPad early adopters might not be the smartest consumers” highlights some famous early adopter tribulations and the price these “Lighthouse Consumers” paid both monetarily and in the user experience.

For the average consumer, however, being first in line is not as high a priority as getting a working product at a good value. So for every person who paid $599 for an 8 GB iPhone when it first came out, there’s infinitely as many who paid $99 (with service plan) later in the year. One way value-conscious tech consumers squeeze every last breath of functionality out of their devices, is with computer and A/V accessories.

ethernet Early Adopter Headaches Not a Problem for Value Conscious Tech Consumers