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March 28, 2012

Hunger Games at the Box Office: Is Your Home Theater Ready?

It seems the movie season is now upon us. Young adult best seller, turned movie sensation, The Hunger Games grossed over $150 million over the weekend and marks the biggest opening for a non-sequel film. With more big blockbusters slated this spring/summertime, from the comedic and fantastical Mirror Mirror (March 30); to the action adventure flicks, The Avengers (May 4) and The Dark Knight Rises (July 20), there’s plenty to start salivating over.

hunger games Hunger Games at the Box Office: Is Your Home Theater Ready?



December 15, 2011

Smartphone and Network Integration Seen as Driving Forces for HDTV Development

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New data from DisplaySearch* suggests that networking has become the key feature TV manufacturers are focusing on in the development of next generation HD displays, but not for the reasons you might think. In a previous blog post, written when connected TVs were just gaining mainstream availability, (Easy Internet Connectivity of 3D Frills), we showed consumers prefer a networked TV solution over 3D. With consumers making their demands known, TV makers are now responding.

tv penetration forecast Smartphone and Network Integration Seen as Driving Forces for HDTV Development

Source: DisplaySearch Quarterly TV Design and Features Report


July 20, 2011

Go PC to TV with 700 Streaming Media Links

Last year, we asked for your help to build a massive list of streaming media resources, and you delivered! We took an initial attempt to organize these resources in order to provide the most value using Delicious and it’s tagging features. In the end there were over 700 links!

With devices like the Roku and Apple TV making its way into mainstream use, not to mention the built-in streaming functionality included with modern HDTVs and gaming consoles, the options for viewing streaming media has greatly increased. Now, armed with your 700 links and the right hardware, your choices increase to amazing new levels.


July 14, 2011

Magical History and Bright Future for Surround Sound

Not too long ago, we delved into the history of Bluetooth, with humble praise to the Danish king who lent the far-reaching mobile technology his name. For this week’s history lesson, we move outside the world of mobility into the highly competitive audio technology segment. With the explosion of iPods, iPod Accessories as well as digital music shopping and storage, audio technology has seen seismic changes over the last 10-15 years.

walt disney Magical History and Bright Future for Surround Sound



June 17, 2011

On the Verge of Convergence Explosion

Convergence” is one of those budding buzzwords that marketers and even scientists use when describing the prolonged combination or mixing of various entities. The blending together of traditional and social media is one example as is the simultaneous inward movement of eyes towards each other.

convergence On the Verge of Convergence Explosion



May 23, 2011

Technology Tops Man Cave Wish Lists

When it comes to design elements in a home, men are usually on the outside looking in. And while many men are not overly concerned with duvet covers, throw pillows and the shade of yellow going in the bathroom, they still deserve and enjoy a say in the process, even if it’s just lip service. A better way to get men involved in the design process, however, is to give them a blank palate to work with…like a man cave.

man cave Technology Tops Man Cave Wish Lists



April 6, 2011

HDMI – Don’t Believe the Overpriced Hype

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If there’s one thing Internet users like, it’s a good list. Whether it’s the top 10 ways to tell if your man is cheating or five killer iPhone apps for foodies, as Internet users, we’re drawn to random bulleted rankings like college kids to dollar drafts.

While scouring the Internet recently, we came across an interesting story by Geoff Morrison from Sound and Vision titled Seven Home Theater Myths Debunked that highlighted some obvious and not-so obvious beliefs people have about the gear and performance that makes up their home theaters or media rooms. Most people know that owning an HD TV doesn’t guarantee your watching HD content. You need an HD equipped source component (like a Blu-ray or HD cable receiver) and the necessary cables. File that under obvious.

hdmi ears HDMI – Don’t Believe the Overpriced Hype



February 28, 2011

Home Theater Installations Top Homeowner Desires

While the market is slowly making a rebound according to CEPro’s State of the Industry 2011, both existing and new homeowners are still looking to maximize their dollars. The funds might not be in their budget for lavish vacations in faraway lands, resulting in more families spending time together at home. In doing so, their meeting place often tends to be in the family room, on comfortable couches and in front of large HD televisions.

home theater family Home Theater Installations Top Homeowner Desires

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February 7, 2011

Is it time to redefine the meaning of TV?

Jim Louderback says that “…the average American household may have three TVs, but many, many more screens,” when contemplating a survey by Nielsen that revealed that the average American home has 2.93 TV sets. Consumers want to watch the programming of their choice, when they want and where they want. The use of digital video recorders (DVRs) and services like TiVo have illustrated consumers do follow specific shows, but don’t want to be confined to the original air date of those shows. Furthermore, the ability to stream content on-demand to PCs and other devices has opened yet another door for those who want to watch programming.


January 17, 2011

Companies Recognize the Possibilities of Internet TV

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A few weeks ago, we commented on the potential setbacks that may be experienced around Google TV, due to its requests for TV makers to delay their planned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January 2011 introductions. It looks like these software refinements may open the door for other companies and technologies to make their stake in the next-generation TV-watching experience.