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January 19, 2012

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November 1, 2011

Wireless HD Kit Takes Home an EXC!TE Award

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While we strive to be modest, it’s always nice to win awards. IOGEAR’s AVIOR line of specialty audio and video products for A/V installation professionals is an important segment of our company that caters to a more demanding commercial and custom crowd with industrial grade convergence and connectivity solutions.

excite Wireless HD Kit Takes Home an EXC!TE Award


August 31, 2011

Online Reviews, More Feedback than you can Stomach

With the glut of technology products being launched daily, we’re fortunate to have the Internet as a seemingly endless source of feedback on all things tech and otherwise. Of course, there are many different levels to choose from. End user reviews from sites like Amazon, NewEgg and Anandtech offer no-holds-barred criticism and praise for gear, the only drawback being you don’t always know the contributor’s level of acumen or the quality of the other hardware being used. But even so, there’s no questioning the value of end user feedback.

For a slightly different perspective you have the professional product reviewer. Often an editor/journalist representing a media outlet, a blogger or a full-time reviewer, he or she is expected to possess a higher level of acumen, use the product to its specifications, and provide both the good and critical points, while sharing the details regarding all associated equipment that was used.

As a company, we are very responsive to media and professional reviewer requests. Below are some of the recent IOGEAR product reviews that have been written, we hope they can be useful to those considering any of these connectivity solutions.


August 8, 2011

Online Content Replacing Pay TV, but What About Sports?

The Hollywood Reporter, a longtime home for behind-the-scenes reporting on celebrities and the entertainment industry, offered some interesting statistics on the Internet’s growing influence over what we watch on TV. The article, quoting analyst reports from research firm SNL Kagan, stated the following:

“…homes that rely on Internet-based distribution to view professionally produced content in lieu of a traditional pay TV subscription will grow from 2.5 million at the end of 2010 to 8.6 million in 2013 and 12.1 million in 2015. Those estimates amount to 2 percent of occupied U.S. homes in 2010, about 7 percent in 2013 and nearly 10 percent in 2015.”

wireless 3d Online Content Replacing Pay TV, but What About Sports?


July 20, 2011

Go PC to TV with 700 Streaming Media Links

Last year, we asked for your help to build a massive list of streaming media resources, and you delivered! We took an initial attempt to organize these resources in order to provide the most value using Delicious and it’s tagging features. In the end there were over 700 links!

With devices like the Roku and Apple TV making its way into mainstream use, not to mention the built-in streaming functionality included with modern HDTVs and gaming consoles, the options for viewing streaming media has greatly increased. Now, armed with your 700 links and the right hardware, your choices increase to amazing new levels.


May 23, 2011

Technology Tops Man Cave Wish Lists

When it comes to design elements in a home, men are usually on the outside looking in. And while many men are not overly concerned with duvet covers, throw pillows and the shade of yellow going in the bathroom, they still deserve and enjoy a say in the process, even if it’s just lip service. A better way to get men involved in the design process, however, is to give them a blank palate to work with…like a man cave.

man cave Technology Tops Man Cave Wish Lists



May 3, 2011

Easy Internet Connectivity or 3D Frills?

With CNET reporting that 123 million connected TV’s will ship in 2014, it’s clear there’s mounting demand for a single screen that can give us access to all of our traditional TV content and our web content at the same time. While many predicted 3D to be the driving force behind future video purchases, it is clear Internet connectivity means more to consumers than goofy glasses.

goofy 3D glasses Easy Internet Connectivity or 3D Frills?



April 20, 2011

USB to HD Adapter Adds HD Display with Audio through USB 2.0 Port, No Technical Degree Needed

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Anyone who’s tried to install a video card in a computer knows it’s not a simple DIY project. In homebuilding terms, it’s akin to furnace or electrical work and not something for the inexperienced. However, fiddling with your computer’s internals can be a thing of the past with the new IOGEAR USB to HD Adapter.

usb to hd adaptor USB to HD Adapter Adds HD Display with Audio through USB 2.0 Port, No Technical Degree Needed

A.K.A the GUC2025H, the new adapter connects additional HD displays to a desktop or laptop computer using a USB 2.0 cable, something all computers have (as opposed to HDMI). Throw in an HDMI to DVI Adapter and you’ve got a set-up that will complement almost every modern computer and TV combination.


March 9, 2011

IOGEAR Gold Box Deal of the Week Like Kissing the Convergence Blarney Stone

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With St. Patrick’s Day looming, many of us are looking for the proverbial pot ‘o gold at the end of the rainbow to alleviate financial burden and fund all of our wireless connectivity and TV to PC convergence desires. IOGEAR doesn’t currently have any leprechauns on staff, but in celebration of the festivities, we’re offering generous discounts on a number of popular mobility tech and connectivity products.

gold box IOGEAR Gold Box Deal of the Week Like Kissing the Convergence Blarney Stone

Termed the “Gold Box Deal of the Week” IOGEAR uses a magical process to choose one product per week offered at up to 30% off the retail price! While this promotion started before St. Patrick’s Day and will continue afterwards, we thought it was the perfect time to call attention to the GOLD BOX since many of us are spring cleaning and may be looking to reduce cable clutter or breathe new life into our AV systems.

Participation in the Gold Box Deal of the Week is as simple as following IOGEAR on Facebook or Twitter and looking out for the GOLD BOX announcements posted weekly. Three weeks ago we featured the Solar Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit (GBHFK231) and two weeks ago it was the MiniView™ Micro USB PLUS KVM Switch with audio and cables (GCS632U), both popular devices at an unprecedented value.

Last week, we offered 30% off the popular Bluetooth 2.1 USB Micro Adapter (GBU421), a penny-sized adapter that allows users to connect up to seven Bluetooth devices together and transfer even the largest files quickly and easily using Bluetooth EDR. It’s compatible with both Mac and PC and offers a wireless range of 30 feet.

This week, we have the Wireless HD Computer to TV Kit up for grabs for 30% off! Check it out in the video below.

In staying with the hidden treasure theme, future Gold Box Deals of the Week specials will be a mystery until the very moment the product deals are announced, meaning no unfair advantages or inside scoops, even if you capture a leprechaun. Just pop over to our Faceboook page or twitter account, see what the deal is, and follow prompts to get an awesome price on cool gear.

While the product selection process is a guarded secret, we’d love to hear which products you want in the Gold Box for future deals of the week.Let us know in the comments below, post a note to our Facebook wall or “@” message us on Twitter saying, “I want Product XYZ” in the Gold Box, and we’ll take it into consideration.

February 28, 2011

Home Theater Installations Top Homeowner Desires

While the market is slowly making a rebound according to CEPro’s State of the Industry 2011, both existing and new homeowners are still looking to maximize their dollars. The funds might not be in their budget for lavish vacations in faraway lands, resulting in more families spending time together at home. In doing so, their meeting place often tends to be in the family room, on comfortable couches and in front of large HD televisions.

home theater family Home Theater Installations Top Homeowner Desires

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