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October 31, 2013

How to Throw the Ultimate Halloween Party

It is time to Get Goolish! Halloween is right around the corner and that means that you need to start planning, if you haven’t already! Follow these 8 Steps to throw the Ultimate Halloween Party…


October 10, 2013

Halloween Tech

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. It’s one that I wish would be more than just one night, but with the right decorations, you can make it last the whole month. The preparation of your decorations is a great bonding experience for your family and teaches your kids creativity and little bit of science and technology. I am going to share with you some techniques I’ve used over the years that fascinate Halloween goers and make your house the highlight of the neighborhood.

Window Projections

Difficulty: easy to medium depending on your setup

Last year, I tried digital window projections that had kids coming by saying ‘we had to come by the eyeball house’ and parents asking how it was done. This can be accomplished with a projector, white sheet, laptop, and a scary video. I downloaded an eyeball video and a lightning video from Hallowindow and projected it onto a sheet in the second story of our house. To get two eyeballs in different windows, I transmitted my video wirelessly using the Wireless 5×2 Matrix. This allowed me to have the same video so the eyeballs look at the same place at the same time making it look real. You can also use the Wireless HD Digital Kit for this effect which also costs less.


October 4, 2013

Basic Internet Security Tips

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In today’s world, it can be very easy to find yourself with a compromised internet account. I would like to share with you some tips to reduce the chances of your accounts from getting hacked.

Email Setup

When setting up an email account on your phone, tablet, or other device, make sure you are correctly inputting the server details. Most devices these days have automatic email setup configurations, but those are only for popular email service providers. For other less popular email service providers or a work email address, this opens the possibility of a simple typo resulting in your email account being compromised. I could buy, for example, and wait for you to try and connect to your email with a wrong server name. Once you try and connect to the fake server, I’ve just stolen your email and password.

EmailSetupiPhone Basic Internet Security Tips

Example of a unsecure connection for Yahoo.


October 3, 2013

Back on Campus

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Fall is a great time to be on a college campus, whether you’re a student yourself or catching a football game as alumni. If you peek into a dorm room while you’re there, you’ll see that technology is a staple of student life — and there’s no space to waste when you’re sharing a room.


September 25, 2013

How to have the ULTIMATE Viewing Party

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Football season is officially underway, and you know what that means, SUNDAY FUNDAY, Monday Night Football and of course what every football diehard fan waits for… The Super Bowl!!!

This means tailgates and backyard parties for all of us that cannot make the game in person. So we are going to bring the tailgate home and then some! Follow these simple steps and of course add your own flare or team pride to make it the Ultimate Viewing Party this year!

Football How to have the ULTIMATE Viewing Party


September 17, 2013


It’s September, and here at IOGEAR, we’re packing our bags for the CEDIA EXPO 2013 from Sept. 25-28 in Denver. If you’ve never been before, it’s an industry show for companies that design and install electronic systems for the home, including home theaters. There will be great sessions, smart people and a dive into some industry emerging trends. Best of all, we love the gadgets and gear! And you can bet we’re bringing ours. If you’ll be there, visit us at booth #725.

Among our connectivity and wireless products, extenders, switchers, splitters and accessories, we’ll be showing off our Wireless 5×2 HD Matrix, the industry’s first product capable of sending separate full, uncompressed HD 1080p content to two HD displays or projectors from up to five sources. It’s capable of switching among various digital and analog sources independently, setting new benchmarks for wireless AV.



September 3, 2013

End of Summer Road Trips

There are a few reasons September might mean you’re jumping behind the wheel for a drive.

  • Squeezing in the last trip of the summer with kids. Some states, including Virginia, Michigan, and Minnesota, have mandated a post-holiday start to the school year to boost tourism.
  • Headed towards a college campus, either for yourself or with a child who is leaving the nest. Interestingly, the highest achieving students tend to pick colleges farther from home.

With these road trips, we thought we’d suggest some car-ready tech to keep you loving the journey with the air conditioner on high.


August 16, 2013

Sharing Funny Content

Everyone needs a laugh sometimes, and there’s no shortage of hilarious content on the Internet. From YouTube to animated GIFs, now Vine and Instagram’s video too, it takes less than a minute to find something that will have you chuckling. It’s good for you too – doctor’s orders!

KidsLaughing Sharing Funny Content

Need help to get started? Try or for a quick fix.


July 25, 2013

Travel Trends and Tech

Summer is a great time to travel, and studies show Americans need the time away. Almost 70 percent of Americans planned to travel this summer, up from 51 percent just two years ago. Thanks to technology, our road trips, plane rides and relaxation looks a little different than it did a few years ago.

MountRushmore Travel Trends and Tech


July 11, 2013

Summer and E-readers

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Summer is known as a perfect time to dive into some lighter reading, especially mysteries, romance and fiction. In fact, as early as 1894, Boston librarians had identified this fun, summer reading trend. Today, 80 percent of Americans say they read at least occasionally for pleasure.

But compared to 1894, the way people are reading is changing. The Pew Internet & American Life study found that one-fifth of American adults (21 percent) reported that they have read an e-book in the past year. Many libraries now offer e-book borrowing services too.


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