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GREEN Initiative
IOGEAR is an environmentally conscious company that recognizes the importance of preserving natural resources for the youth of tomorrow. As a company, we are not only in the business of developing innovative products; we are in the business of improving lives.

We invite you to not only understand our commitment to the environment but to join us in remembering what is important - to believe in Green.

GREEN Commitment
IOGEAR has taken the initiative by combining current innovations in environmental technology and applying them to our everyday business activities and products whenever possible. Our goal and philosophy is to enhance your day-to-day life by using IOGEAR products, while minimizing our eco-footprint.

GREEN Energy
IOGEAR actively conserves energy through our technology and innovation. Our core product, the KVM Switch, reduces energy consumption by eliminating the use of multiple computer monitors. In 2010, IOGEAR will strive to achieve 100% Energy Star or CEC compliance for all of our eligible products.

GREEN Manufacturing
IOGEAR’s priority is to use environmentally friendly materials whenever applicable. In our commitment to GREEN, IOGEAR continues to work with industry suppliers to research new ways to restrict the use of environmentally harmful materials in our products. By 2009, the majority of IOGEAR products will be PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and BFR (brominated flame retardant) FREE. As part of our ongoing commitment to GREEN, we will focus our energy to reduce harmful effects on the environment by complying standards and regulations.

GREEN Recycling
IOGEAR realizes that by adapting our product packaging we can reduce waste and beneficially impact our environment. Currently all IOGEAR product packaging uses recyclable post-consumer paper materials. IOGEAR is transitioning from traditional ink to soy or vegetable based ink and utilizes an eco-friendly corrugated cardboard material for product displays instead of recyclable plastic trays.