Thursday, July 08, 2004

Who loves IOGEAR?

, that's who!

Iogear MiniView Micro USB PLUS KVM Switch
[RETAIL: $100]
I'm in love with the IOGEAR keyboard/video/mouse switch for its desktop-doubling utility. My PC and Mac used to run their own keyboards, mouses, and 17-inch monitors. Thanks to the MiniView, they've learned to share. Now, when the boss turns the corner during frag time on my PC, I enter a keystroke and my monitor and controllers switch back to the Mac (which is running office-approved software). Usually, such switchers diminish visual quality or cost a ton in cabling. The MiniView's permanent VGA cables make sure neither happens. Support for two computers is good, but, a true geek, I sometimes juggle three or four. I hope MiniView's next rev can handle that many. -- Brian Lam
[RATING: 9/10] [ ]

July 08, 2004

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