Mac Mini-minded?

Just in case you’ve been away from the Internet, the media and your TV for a couple of weeks and didn’t get the news about the introduction of Apple’s new Mac mini, you're probably pretty intrigued about this new $500 Apple system. Well, if you’re thinking about getting one, you’re going to be thrilled with all the cool products IOGEAR offers that can make your Mac mini a maxi!

Our MiniView Micro USB KVM is the perfect way to blend the Mac mini into your present system for around $60.00. Just connect the Mini View to both your present system and the Mac Mini using the built-in cables, and then plug your keyboard, monitor and mouse into the MiniView. If even comes in white!

We’ve also got USB and FireWire hubs to extend the Mac mini’s range of peripherals, mice, hard drives and more!

See all IOGEAR Mac mini-minded products here.

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