What Are Your "Must Have" USB Devices?

October 1st, 2008

When the USB 1.0 specification model was introduced in November 1995, its creators new they were on to something.  Today, there are about 2 billion USB devices in the world.  That's 5 times higher than the number of televisions! With all of these gadgets, most people have a favorite.  Is it a particular kind of printer?  Perhaps a wireless game controller?  Whatever your favorite USB device is, IOGEAR wants to know. With the launch of their Wireless USB Hub, the staff at IOGEAR was posed the question, "What are your 'Must Have' USB devices?"  Their responses will be placed below, but we don't want it to end there.  Please let us know what YOUR must have USB devices are.  We look forward to your responses! Respectfully, The IOGEAR Staff

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