Impress Clients or Students with the Digital Scribe

October 29th, 2008

There aren't many things that one can do on the computer nowadays that truly impress others during a presentation.  PowerPoints, videos, flash presentations -- most have seen enough of these to no longer get "wowed" by them. What they haven't seen are the things that you can do with a Mobile Digital Scribe by IOGEAR.  Perhaps the following video can stimulate some ideas:

While the demonstration in itself doesn't seem to have implications for presentations or lectures, all of it can be displayed in real-time via computer.  The creative juices started flowing.  Was this the innovation that could wake up the students, impress the clients, and leave everyone involved with the feeling that they had just seen something different? Yes.  Here's how: Presentations - One of the disadvantages of doing a presentation that utilizes multiple files is that the presenter is often stuck at the computer.  Using a projector, they can switch windows and display the different aspects of the presentation, but they then lose the ability to write notes, highlight features, or draw diagrams.  These handwritten items are often more compelling than any computer generated graphics, which is why some presenters still prefer a whiteboard presentation over a computer generated one.  Of course, they then lose the flexibility that a computer presentation offers. By having the Mobile Digital Scribe page as one of the windows, a presenter can have the best of both worlds.  They can toggle between PowerPoint presentations and graphs when needed while still having the compelling whiteboard-style look.  Just watch the video for The Pickens Plan.  It took editing to achieve the goal of having it personalized with Mr. Pickens at the whiteboard while still being able to show graphs and statistics.  In a live presentation, this would have been possible with IOGEAR's Mobile Digital Scribe. Lectures - The same holds true for lectures as it does for presentations.  Students often require a special level of inter-activity that the good old chalkboard offers, yet they can also benefit from other resources that are available through a computer.  Melding the two together and keeping a lecture flowing can be the difference between the students "getting it" or not. Regardless of the format, having the ability to put one's own signature style into a presentation or lecture can greatly increase their level of success in getting the message across.

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