Moving Towards a Fully Integrated Digital Home

October 31st, 2008

Living in an increasingly digital age, it is difficult to decipher how to maximize resources for a fully-integrated digital home. Consumers are looking for the best products to wisely equip their households, simply and cost-effectively. With today's digital world and ambiguous economy, it is important for individuals to utilize the resources at their fingertips, and one of the best ways to do so is through integration. Connect to Your PC to a TV or Project Wirelessly An example of this technology merge occurs when people connect their PCs to their televisions, such as users of our Wireless USB to VGA Kit, who can wirelessly display PC content on their television screen or projector within the same room. Install Multi-Room Audio Systems with No Wires We also see a growing number of customers using our Powerline Stereo Audio System, which makes use of a home's existing power lines and enables individuals to easily install a multi-room audio distribution system. Looking Towards to the Future At IOGEAR we are always thinking of ways to make your digital life simpler. Next time you feel confused about different technologies and their price tags, consider how our products can save you the time and money. What products can we create to make your life even easier?

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