Go Wireless or Fall Behind

February 17th, 2009

Going wireless used to be the luxury of those who were ahead of the technology curve and had access to a healthy budget. Fortunately, wireless technology has matured to a point where pricing is comparable to wired alternatives. Here we examine the evolution of two technologies that highlight some of the many advantages of going wireless. Presentation Solutions Traveling professionals often need to give presentations on the road, often dealing with the inconvenience of carrying bulky equipment and all the associated cables. In many cases a projector is provided, and with any luck, you may be able to actually get it to work with your computer (sigh…). Then there is the issue with the cabling. It seems far too often that the cable is just one inch shy of successfully plugging in. To be even safer, it can be convenient to carry along your own projector. In the days of old, you were stuck with carrying something bulky like this, but fortunately, new technology advances allow for much smaller form factors. Combine a small form factor projector with a Wireless USB to VGA kit , which won the International CES 2009 Honoree Award, and you have one slick presentation. Now if only the devices could actually create the presentation for you… Here is an example of the gear in action: Looking towards the future, IOGEAR just won PC World's Gear of the Year award for a version that also includes audio, the Wireless USB Audio/Video kit. Look for it April 2009. Connectivity Solutions As USB devices proliferate, there are more and more gadgets and devices to plug into your computer. It is not always convenient to have all of these devices located in a cluster together, because often times you end up with a scenario like this when you use wired USB hubs. With IOGEAR's Wireless USB hub and adapter, you can finally achieve that Zen-like workspace you've been dreaming about during your yoga lessons. :) Take a look for yourself: How are you going wireless? How would you like to go wireless?

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