How Does Technology Convergence Impact or Improve Your Life In a Recession?

March 20th, 2009

As Americans brace themselves for economic uncertainty and equip themselves with the necessities of everyday living, one idea that is floating around and gaining in popularity is that of technology convergence. People are combining multiple services and technologies in order to meet their digital needs, streamline their lives and save money. So what do we mean by technology convergence? Basically, as technology advances, services are merging. One recent example of convergence is the idea of streaming traditional TV programming from your computer to your big screen TV, allowing consumers to save money by cutting or reducing their cable bill. IOGEAR offers a wireless way to easily connect your computer to your TV with its Wireless USB to VGA Kit. This product gives you the ability to stream video content from a computer to a LCD TV display and share it with friends and family. Not only can you view media content, but users can multi-task and browse the Internet from the comfort of their couch. For a more detailed explanation of how the IOGEAR Wireless USB to VGA Kit works, please see the story by ComputerTV below. Convergence will be a key theme for IOGEAR this year, so stay tuned for more exciting products. What services have you merged lately? Feel free to leave us a comment explaining your technology convergence. Cheers, The IOGEAR Team

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