How to be a Smart Consumer in a Recession: Consumer Electronics that Make Cents

March 25th, 2009

Saving money and buying electronics are two ideas that do not necessarily go together. In a recession, it is important to make the right decisions about what to purchase. Electronics are a part of everyday life, and recession or not, we can't go without our gadgets. It never hurts to be a smart shopper, and there are some small things you can do to save money on your electronics. Using the same monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers for two computers will not only save you the expense of buying them, but also save on your energy bill by only using one monitor for both computers. IOGEAR has KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switches that do just that! The MiniView USB KVM Switch with audio and cables can be tucked away on your desktop and easily connected to your computers, both Mac and PC. If you are more mobile and have a laptop or one of those HOT netbooks, you can still utilize a KVM such as out USB Laptop KVM Switch. Our USB Laptop KVM Switch model #GCS661U is easy, fun and powerful at the same time to use. If you transfer files from your laptop to your PC or vice-versa often, there's a great feature that makes it very simple and secure. Check out this video review to see how it works: For additional information, see tips and advice on buying consumer electronics from What kinds of electronics do you use that actually save money? Leave us a comment to let us know what you're doing to be a smart electronics consumer. Cheers, The IOGEAR Team

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