Going Green with the Tech Industry

April 20th, 2009

The computer age changed the way we live our life, it has also changed the environment.  With the bountiful array of new products being offered, we've created new waste as we consumers' upgrade, and the plants where these products are manufactured also put out waste.  The tech industry has taken a step up to fight the adverse affects of their ways and been forerunners in the go green campaigns that seem to be on everyone's minds right now. Rebuilding the Earth If you want to contribute to the creation and replacement of lost trees, check out 10 products that get a tree planted. Every time you purchase something from one of those companies, they take part of the profits and put it towards planting trees, helping offset their carbon footprint.  Going one step further, IOGEAR will now plant two trees for every product you purchase on their online store or one for the program partners via their Road to a Million Tree's campaign. The computer industry as a whole has really been trying to give back to the world, Dell for example has a Plant a Tree for Me campaign, simply add a tree to the shopping cart while ordering from them online and they will do the rest. Being More Efficient and Less Damaging to the Environment Since giving back isn't the only option for the tech sector to go green, many have started to make their devices less power hungry, thus reducing the amount they pull from the grid. Web host DreamHost runs completely carbon neutral through a good bit of research and some efficient approaches on how it runs its massive computer warehouses.  Computer giant Lenovo is releasing the A61e PC, which can be completely powered with solar power! green-hard-drive Another example are WD Caviar Green drives which draw less power, are quieter and run cooler, making it a win / win for everyone involved. Tip: Make your storage drives even greener by putting them in an external enclosure and powering them down when not in use, separate from your main home computer. A power supply's main job is to power your computer, but most waste energy in that process though.  Seasonic has a line of 80 Plus certified power supplies that only draw the power your computer needs at the time.  If you put a 500w power supply in your case and the computer is sitting idle and only needs 20% power, only 100w will be drawn from the supply. power-supply Computer chip giant Intel has made a new line of chips that are actually faster processors than older ones, yet consume 40% less energy.  That means an average price drop for a year of letting your computer run of about $12.00.  Just from the processor! intel Here at IOGEAR we have a bevy of ways to help you go green, such as our KVM switches which allow the control over multiple computers from one keyboard, video monitor and mouse, thus reducing the number of monitors to efficiently work on several computers.  Sometimes the best way to reduce is to simply eliminate. kvmp In Conclusion Computers and technology is a part of everything we do, everywhere.  From the touch screen kiosks waiters use at restaurants to place orders to the kitchen staff, to advances in medicine and new treatment discoveries.  We need computers, but the technology, with the help of the manufactures is getting smarter, better, faster and more green. Just switching hard drives in our home computers or utilizing KVM switches could greatly reduce the total impact to the environment, and buying from companies who are taking proactive steps towards replanting our forests is the steps we need to take, now.  With all we've used computers and modern technology to accomplish, it's about time we start using them to fix what we've steamrolled in the processes. Please share with us the ways you are using technology to go green in the comments.

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