Home vs. Business Use of KVM

July 1st, 2009

KVM customers' needs run the gamut and so do the various products available in this category. IOGEAR alone offers a variety of options for customers depending on their needs and whether the KVM is for the home or for the office. We provide consumers with affordable, easy-to-use KVMs so that they can effectively control multiple computers in their home. These products are straightforward and allow the users to seamlessly control their computers with this innovative technology. Many companies also use KVMs to cut down on costs, by allowing several different computers to be controlled by one monitor, one keyboard and one mouse. Businesses utilize KVMs in order to consolidate, control and manage their technology. This article may offer more insight into how KVMs work. Also, visit the IOGEAR site for more information about the various types of KVMs. Check out this KVM Product Selector and see which KVM best matches your household set-up. Would you utilize a KVM more at the workplace or in your home? Cheers! The IOGEAR team

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