Go Digital or Get Left Behind

July 2nd, 2009

Technology has effected a drastic change on how we live, mostly for the better. The only downside to moving into a digital world can be the somewhat overwhelming feeling of dealing with, maintaining and utilizing all of the technologies available and keeping the rest of your home and life clutter free and peaceful. Phew... it's stressful just to write that ... Ironically, new technology has been created to simplify older digital technology to better integrate into our homes, as discussed in our MORE Tech, with WireLESS article. Small, simple solutions to make items wireless, small and with better functionality, not only eliminate wires but often times improve efficiency. One example is freeing your USB peripherals, which often means no more tripping over USB printer cables and moving large devices off your desk to another part of the office. Clean, organized workspaces and home layouts are not only more efficient to work in, they tend to be more enjoyable by everyone. Further pushing the envelope of digital movement and helping to achieve a simpler tech life is the IOGEAR USB Net ShareStation. iogear-usb-net-sharestation This small device connects anywhere in your home network and lets you plug a USB device in to share that USB device (e.g. printer) among your PCs. Perfect for new parents who want to put a small web camera in the nursery to monitor their child without putting a whole computer in the room just to attach a web cam. This can also be used to easily add a USB external hard drive, card reader or just about any other USB device to your network without needing a computer right next to it. The IOGEAR Wireless Audio / Video Kit is the perfect tie in for any multimedia room or to add the experience of streaming content and movies right to your TV. wireless-av-kitThe trouble up until now was a dedicated computer needed to be right next to the television and a spaghetti mess of cables was used to connect the two. Utilizing the Wireless Audio / Video kit means any computer or laptop within a 30 foot range can now stream HD content without the bulk of cables or the need for a dedicated computer attached to your TV. The State of Internet TV is changing, evolving and revolutionizing how we access, view and enjoy content and media. Best of all, must of us already have a computer and broadband internet, so only a small investment is needed to enjoy the content on a larger TV with the ease and simplicity of being wireless. Digital Zen isn't hard to achieve utilizing some easily applicable new technology; the reward of having a clean and simple home in return is nearly priceless. Enjoying life doesn't need to include cluttered, confusing technology; embracing evolving technology often leads to cleaner, simpler and more robust implementations. Here are some further resources to help you propel your digital life:
  • ZenHabits.net - This site is dedicated to simple productive tips and advice across many areas including technology.
  • MakeUseOf.com - Dedicated to website and software applications that not only help improve productivity, but are just plain cool.
  • LifeHacker.com - Many, many, MANY articles about how to simplify life using technology, covering a wide variety of platforms.
  • WebWorkerDaily.com - If you spend much of your time working online, then this site will deserve a place in your bookmarks.
  • LifeHacks.AllTop.com - If those resources are not enough, enjoy this mega-list of productivity enhancing web sites from Guy Kawasaki's AllTop.com network.

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