Social Networking and Entertainment Combined, on a HDTV

August 6th, 2009

Home entertainment has taken a side step recently, more towards the digital realm meant for easy sharing of content. Dinner parties and family gatherings still happen, but with social-networking sites like Flickr,, YouTube, Mevio and Facebook, the ability to directly connect with everyone regardless of how far away they are is only a few keystrokes away. Because nearly everyone has a digital camera these days and 99% of all cell phones have a camera built in them, photos are being shared like never before. Now consumers can snap a photo, email or text it to someone, share it on Twitter or post the image directly to a Facebook wall. Capturing special moments on video is easier today too. Most of the current digital cameras come with video functionality, making expensive A/V equipment a thing of the past. Utilizing video hosting services like YouTube and Mevio allow easy and fast sharing with anyone, anywhere. No need to author DVDs and mail them out anymore. The ability to share memories has never been more simple or fulfilling. Personalized photos and videos delivered to a grandparent's email can mean the world, especially when they live in far-away places. With modern technologies, families and friends can continue to share in each other's lives even if they're unable to be there in person. Consumers now have various channels to share photos and video with friends and family, through email and social-networking sites. However, this content shouldn't be limited to a computer monitor that only person can view comfortably. While home media computers have started to become more popular, they aren't a sure-fire fix, and can often be complex to setup and use.

Wireless AV/Kit

The next step in bridging the gap is the IOGEAR Wireless Audio / Video Kit, designed to easily connect your computer and your HDTV, enabling an entire room to enjoy photos from Flickr or movies on YouTube. Ultra-wideband technology allows the Kit to transmit 720p HD video up to thirty feet away wirelessly, easily turning nearly any computer in the room into a media center. No unsightly cables or wires hanging down, no complex setup, simply plug the device into one part of your computer and the other into the TV, and enjoy your cherished memories from the comfort of your couch and on your HDTV. If this sounds appealing to you, check out our contest that ends on August 31, 2009 where we are giving away one of these IOGEAR Wireless Audio / Video Kits. All you need for a chance to win is to join us as a fan on FaceBook.

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