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August 27th, 2009

The search for the ultimate game-changer in technology is still on, many have tried, but where we use our apps has changed more than the apps themselves lately. Six months ago we did a roundup covering several popular models of what we consider the game-changer of 2009, Netbooks. Here we update what we found in our previous roundup and then look at the hardware you need to get the most out of your Netbook experience. Bridging the gap between smart phone and laptop computer, these lightweight, ultra-portable, power-house Netbooks are finding a way into more homes, offices, briefcases and purses this year. One of the front-runners from the Netbook roundup was the Dell Mini 9. Partly due to a large advertising budget combined with funky colors and the ability to run OS X software, sales of them quickly took off. dell-mini Dell had so much success with the Mini 9 they launched the Mini 10 and Mini 12 (though the Mini 12 was discontinued), with more colors and configurable options. Solid state hard drives continue to grow in size but drop in price, increasing value, along with other features found in these Netbooks. The Mini 9 starts at about $230 for a feature-rich computer and has stayed aggressively priced, compared to the market, while the Mini 10 weighs in near $300. Asus, a pioneer in the Netbook space, continues to dominate the market with the Eee PC. With more than twenty models currently available in sizes ranging from 7” to 10” and now a new touch-screen tablet, Asus continues to move forward with innovative design and development. eee-pc While new technology is implemented into Asus Netbooks to make them thinner, lighter, faster, have more storage and better graphics, the price has stabilized at around the $200-250 level. Considering an unlocked smart phone often runs twice this price and full sized laptops can be double or triple the price, the value in these Netbooks really starts to shine through. The aggressive pricing of the major Netbook manufactures continues to push smaller companies to offer unique features, special promotions or try to carve a niche out for themselves. BenQ released a selection of Netbook / laptop hybrids in the 12” range, bridging the gap between the 10” Netbooks and 14” laptops. Better known for memory, OCZ Technology released a 10” DIY Netbook called the Neutrino, aimed at being more customizable. Some assembly is required, but this was done on purpose to keep the price down. Netbooks can be so much more than a bridge between smart phone and desktop computer. The Asus touch-screen tablet is evidence of that, with the ability to easily show clients work, share the screen and let the ideas flow through. kvm-cable Keeping your Netbook in sync with your home and office computer is often required, and the USB Laptop KVM is the perfect accessory to help facilitate this. An on-screen manager lets you access either computer to share files when connected via the USB adapters and you can utilize the full sized desktop monitor from your Netbook too. Small, sleek and unobtrusive, this KVM is an essential additional to both home and office settings. av-kit Maximize your Netbook's screen with a Wireless Audio / Video Kit, making a 9 or 10” screen 54” within minutes. This breakthrough product uses ultra wide-band (UWB) technology to transmit 720p HD video from your Netbook to your HD television or monitor, wirelessly! Streaming your favorite movies, TV shows and music from your Netbook now makes it a home media center that you can control right from your couch, up to 30' away. wireless-usb-hub-adapter Keep a clean and clutter free workspace, living room and office by eliminating Netbook cable clutter. Adding a Wireless USB Hub & Adapter can transform your Netbook into a serious wireless workhorse, without tripping over cables. Installation is simple and straightforward and will allow the connectivity of USB powered devices from up to 30' feet away. Attach a printer, scanner, hard drive and just about anything else that's USB powered and never worry about a tangled cord mess on or under your desk again. Because all that gets plugged into the Netbook is a USB transmitter, picking up the Netbook and taking it with you is easy, and syncing to the USB devices when you come back is a snap. Like most new products to the marketplace, Netbooks are still finding their way into our lives and will endure more changes, features, size and configurations to meet our needs. Less and less 7” models are available because users deemed them too small to use, while the eight and nine-inch models become top sellers. Users are also realizing that having a 500 GB hard drive in a super-portable isn't always needed, especially when utilizing products like the USB Laptop KVM to off-load and transfer files, or attaching an external hard drive to a Wireless USB Hub. Integrating, utilizing and maximizing your Netbook with IOGEAR products allows you to be more productive at home and in the office with less wasted time, which is always the goal and now it is easier than ever.

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