Get More Value From Your Tech Gifts

December 24th, 2009

According to, this year's best high tech gifts are the: iPod Nano, HP Mini 311, Kindle DX, Barnes & Noble Nook, Samsung TL 225 Camera, Toshiba Regza SV670 Series 400, Motorola Droid, Dell Adamo, PS3 Slim and the Apple iPhone. We hope that you will receive at least one of these :) And if you did, in this post, we look at some interesting ways you can gain more value from some of these shiny new gadgets. As you may know, at IOGEAR, many of our products are designed to give you increased value on products you already own; so we spend a great deal of time thinking about how our products can help you enjoy daily life. We hope these tips provide you with ideas to create more fun and value from your gifts. Wireless Audio / Video Kit wireless-av-kit With this award winning device, you can take your Netbook or Laptop, combined with your HDTV and connect wirelessly from up to 30 feet! So go ahead and take that Dell Adamo or HP Mini and connect wirelessly to your new Toshiba Regza, and not only will you amaze with the latest in wireless technology, but you will be able to blur the lines between home office and entertainment. After all, work is supposed to be fun right? 12-in-1 Pocket Card Reader/Writer 12-in-1 Whether you get that nice new Samsung TL 225 or any other digital camera, you will need an easy way to get your photos and video onto your computer. Most cameras come with their own cable to do this, but it may not always be convenient to carry yet another cable, plus, you can also transfer files from your cellphone, smart phone (such as the Droid) and mp3 player as well with this handy little device. 2-Port USB DVI-D Cable KVM with Audio and Mic 2-port-kvm If you have a desktop, but now have added a Netbook and/or Laptop to your collection, you will appreciate the ability to use the same monitor, mouse, keyboard and speaker for both devices simultaneously! Don't let your nice desktop setup go to waste because you've fallen in love with your new Dell Adamo ;) Have the best of both worlds with this KVM. USB Laptop KVM Switch with File Transfer laptop-kvm Ah, you just added a new Laptop or Netbook to your family of computers, you may even be at the point where you now have multiple Laptops and Netbooks. Well, this little device is a time saver indeed! It allows you to easily switch and transfer files between two computers. We even made the setup easy with Plug & Play and no need for extra cables. Long Range Wireless Keyboard/Trackball all-in-one keyboard Every new computer deserves a high quality keyboard (your fingers will thank you). Think about how much time you will spend typing in front of your computer; why not make that experience enjoyable? This particular keyboard is slim, ergonomic, wireless and includes a laser trackball. You can use it with your new Laptop, Desktop or Home Theater PC. Gear Power - Portable Battery for Mobile Devices battery-power Battery power is the nectar of the gods to the tech geek. Electricity is one of those things you can never get enough of, no matter the device. At only $19.95 and in a ultra-slim form factor you may as well pick up several of these. That way, when your battery dies just as you are jammin' to your favorite song ... you can continue to rock on! What does Santa have in his bag for you this holiday season? Please share some of the tech gifts you receive this holiday season and how you plan to give those gifts a boost in the comments below, on Facebook or via Twitter. Happy Holidays!

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