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February 9th, 2010

Are your holiday gadget gifts still uninstalled? Or worse ... still in the box? Have you begun the installations only to find a key cable missing? Are your new gadgets gathering dust alone, dying to be connected and used? At IOGEAR, we're here to help! Read on for ideas on how to use our many devices designed to connect, de-clutter, enhance or just help your gadgets reach a new level of cool. HDMI HDMI HDMI is a high quality interface designed to work with devices such as AV receivers, cable boxes, DVD & Blu-ray Disc players, PCs and video game consoles to HDTVs and computer monitors. HDMI supports HD video and up to 8 channels of digital audio. You can easily make the switch from DVI to HDMI or vice versa with an adaptor without any loss of video quality. If you are still connecting your devices with a VGA, coaxial, S-video or component video cable, you are missing out on greater quality and aren't maximizing the potential of your devices. The bad news: a HDMI cable is not always included with your device. The good news: IOGEAR has a variety of HDMI cables to suit your needs, just click this link and choose the “Cables” check box to view our selection. Matrix Switch Box matrix-switch-boxAre you overrun with HD source devices - video game console, PCs, set top boxes from cable and satellite providers, DVRs, Blu-ray or DVD players? If so, then you will appreciate the ability to switch between up to five of your favorite devices with a simple remote control using our HD Matrix Switch with Remote. To make life even easier you can even switch between the devices among 2 HDTVs. There'll be no more crouching down to move fiddly cables around, and no more reasons to leave the couch – ever! KVM Switch kvm-switch If you have more than one computer, then a KVM switch might be the answer to simplifying your computing experience. KVM is an abbreviation for Keyboard, Video and Mouse and is a device that allows you to control multiple computers using one keyboard, monitor and mouse. For example, a user could control their desktop and then switch over to their Netbook using the same keyboard, monitor and mouse attached to the KVM. To make the process of choosing the right KVM for your specific needs simple, we at IOGEAR have put together an easy KVM product selector. Go to this link and click the “KVM Product Selector” banner to the left to get started. Printer and Storage Server printer-and-storage-server If you're adding a new computer to your network, there's no need to clutter life even more with additional computer-specific printers and external hard drives. Why not share the resources you currently have? With a printer and storage server you can do just that.  You can even attach a portable card reader to make it easy to share your photos and videos around the home. Plug in a USB hub into the server to add more devices to share among some or all of your computers – and banish sneakernet forever! Your Solutions & Questions Here at IOGEAR we want to know how YOU currently deal with connectivity issues between your various gadgets. Have you gone wireless? Are you confused about the various options? Do you have some creative uses for the devices mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below, on FaceBook or via Twitter.

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