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March 17th, 2010

Do you recognize YOUR living room? The landscape in your family's favorite room has changed dramatically the past few years as the Internet (as a main source of media content) begins to take over from your old favorite, the traditional cable model. With these changes come dynamic new equipment options and possibilities. In this post IOGEAR is your fearless guide to help navigate this new media landscape and take advantage of the exciting changes in home entertainment. HDTV The TV remains the centerpiece of most entertainment centers in the home. Today, most homes enjoy the power of an HDTV, with newer models now equipped with Internet connectivity, effectively creating a web TV. Most recently, 3D enabled HDTV's have joined the mix, promising a more vibrant (and dimensional!) future ahead. The following resources will help you navigate the various options and discover the right choice for your particular needs: Audio Systems For fussy audiophiles, the sound quality built into most HDTVs is not enough to satisfy discerning ears. Those looking for a better quality sound experience may find the need to augment their system with full home theater capabilities. Before you begin your search, it's important to spend some time determining what's important to you, based on how you will be using your system. For example, is full surround sound a priority? Do you want to be able to easily play music from your radio or iPod? Will you need headphones if thumping bass is an issue for the neighbors downstairs? The following resources will help guide you to system suited to your lifestyle: PC Media Centers For those who want to combine their computing experience with a little quality couch time, there are many options available to turn your PC into a full featured media center. While many newer HDTV's have integrated Internet on TV abilities, they are usually limited to certain content sources. A quick solution is to include your PC as a media player – not only will this give you the full PC to TV computing experience on your HDTV, the IOGEAR Wireless Audio / Video Kit will allow you to cut the cord and work wirelessly! These resources are a great start when looking for the best fit PC media center option for you: Single/Multi Purpose Media Devices From video game consoles to DVD and/or Blu-Ray players, there are a bewildering variety of add-on options for your home entertainment center. It's important to consider your entertainment needs before making your selections, since some devices, such as the Xbox or Playstation 3 perform several functions (e.g. gaming, Netflix streaming and DVD or Blu-ray playback). Here are some resources to help you decide how to extend your home entertainment center: Bringing It All Together Feel like you're stuck in a cable nightmare? Today's devices often come with cheap, low-quality cables, or cables designed to frustrate you by being short or easily broken. The good news is, you don't need to spend a fortune to get the quality you need. The better news is, there's no longer any need to even leave the comfort of your couch to switch between one device and the next. Cutting-edge technology provides solutions for that problem and keeps you couch-side in comfort! These links will help you navigate today's A/V connectivity options: Your Solutions and Experiences Have you begun a high-tech upgrade of your living room, or are you hanging on to old technologies? What's missing for you to be able to truly integrate the Internet experience into the living room? Please take some time and share your thoughts here on the blog, on Twitter or FaceBook. Don't forget to participate in this month's Twitter contest where a USB Laptop KVM Switch is up for grabs. Entering to win is as simple as following us on Twitter!

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