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June 10th, 2010

Here at IOGEAR, we like to keep a finger on the ‘green pulse' of the electronics industry. This week, the latest announcement from Apple caught our eco-friendly eye. If you've ever wondered what the green-conscious engineers at Apple have been cooking deep in the labs, read on! Apple announced earlier this week that while they have yet to release a solar-powered gadget, their best and brightest brains are already working on incorporating solar power into popular items such as the iPad and iPhone.

( source ) Excitingly, a recently surfaced patent application from Apple shows that engineers have been investigating ways to embed solar cells under the touch screens of handheld devices. The patent, which was filed in September 2008, also calls for the use of "light channels" to direct light to a solar cell underneath a touch screen, potentially using a parabolic reflector. Put simply, a solar powered iPod could soon be winging its way to you!  Of course at IOGEAR, we're no strangers to sun worshipping. Our popular Solar Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit has been harnessing the sunshine since launch, and allows hands-free communication and cord-free charging. Allowing you to roll your car windows down and drive in the sun without having to worry about fumbling for cords, this kit allows for safe, clean and eco-friendly charging on the move. We also believe it's also important to be energy efficient in our homes. In an effort to conserve energy, we created the KVM switch to reduce energy consumption by eliminating the use of multiple computer monitors. This switch, along with other energy saving products designed for your home, can help make a noticeable difference on your next energy bill and we are happy to help lower that number with you. From solar devices, to energy saving, to supporting the natural world through our partnership with Road to a Million Trees, we are excited to be doing our part to save energy and minimize the amount of waste produced - and we love seeing companies like Apple join in the green fun! How are YOU doing your part to promote a greener tomorrow? Cheers The IOGEAR team For green goodies and more, try your hand at our Mystery Photo Contest on Facebook to test your skills and win high-tech gadgets for your own living room setup!

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