Pull the Plug on Cable

June 29th, 2010

Are you spending less time channel surfing and more time surfing the web for video content? You're not alone – according to CNN, there's a growing army of defectors turning their back on traditional cable options and replacing the tube with the net. As cable prices continue to soar and content is becoming less and less readily available, today's couch potato is rising from their seats to find new methods of instantaneous delivery while neatly sidestepping an expensive monthly bill.  Online content providers have been rising to the challenge, providing everything from your favorite network TV shows to independent films to music videos – all available to stream online at no cost. The fatal flaw? Even the most hardened gadget geek can agree that hunching over a computer screen isn't the same as reclining in comfort in front of a widescreen HDTV…and passing a laptop from lap to lap to share a favorite clip may not be the best way to get a party started. Previously, streaming computer content to an HDTV has been reserved for the tech-savvy brave enough to tackle an octopus of tangled wires and complicated setups.  Here at IOGEAR we're happy to jump into the streaming content revolution and offer a solution to this conundrum! Our Wireless A/V kit bridges this gap, with three easy adapters a simple setup, eliminating the clutter of wires, putting instant PC to TV streaming within reach. This kit provides a simple solution for the average consumer to sit back, relax and choose from a variety of online content and stream it directly to their HDTV. So whether you're hanging on to your trusty cable box, or exploring the brave new world of a Internet centric, cable-less future, there's an easy solution to keep your HDTV at the center of your home entertainment. It's time to shrink your bills….not your screen! Cheers The IOGEAR team

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