Keeping the Green Tech Revolution Close to Home

July 7th, 2010

Green technology is all the rage in the tech space, and here at IOGEAR we love nothing more than to keep our finger on the green pulse. From Apple's work-in-progress solar powered iPad and iPhone, to the grass-trimming goats Google has put to work, earth conscious companies are developing new ways to help our waning Mother Earth. This week Cisco Systems announced the testing phase of their home energy management system, temporarily named the home energy controller. Despite the unsexy name, this is a pretty slick device which helps keep an eye on mounting energy costs. The controller's digital readout helps people keep track of energy consumption throughout their home and do away with energy waste. Wasting energy is so passé, people. Users can sign up for the system's demand-response program, which provides rebates for shutting off the switches during peak times. It saves you money AND gives you the glow of being a green conscious American - all from one small control panel! In case you are new to our blog, we here at IOGEAR have a vested interest in keeping up with the newest green technologies. We are doing our part to help our planet every day with a variety of products that cut back on energy usage – from energy saving convergence devices like KVM switches and Wireless AV kit to Solar BT hands free kits which harness the sun's rays to power cell phones. So, everyone, let's start doing our part to stay up-to-speed, and hopefully adopt the latest green tech developments – it's up to us. What are you doing to incorporate green methods into your home or lifestyle? Until next week, this is the IOGEAR team signing off. Stay green, readers.

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