Is an Infrared World in our Future?

July 15th, 2010

Here at IOGEAR, we keep a keen eye on our changing workstation. From multiple screens to paper-thin displays, this isn't your father's office any more – and here's the latest news to emerge from the tech grapevine. Infrared developments have been heating up in our technological world recently, most notably in Microsoft's upcoming Kinect for the Xbox360. The motion sensor in this newest gaming console gauges a player's movement with a variety of tools, including an infrared sensor. However, the latest infrared news development is of particular interest for workstations across the country. MIT's Fluid Interfaces Group, led by research assistant and PhD candidate Pranav Mistry, have developed the latest advancement in infrared technology with the ‘Mouseless', an invisible mouse that tracks a user's movements and projects them on a computer screen in the form of a cursor, just like a real mouse. Image Credit CNET showcased the ‘Mouseless' in a recent post, which includes a quirky video that starts off with none other than Warner Bros' Jerry of Tom and Jerry fame. As you can see from the post, the ‘Mouseless' is merely a prototype and not yet available to consumers. However, we here at IOGEAR are excited to see it come to life and to work with a new generation of IT gadgets for the home and office workstation. Our own selection of KVM Switches allow you to focus on only one keyboard, monitor and mouse when controlling multiple computers – and we're consistently working on new and updated switches to work seamlessly with the latest and greatest technologies. Would YOU like to be able to control multiple computers – using nothing but the touch of your finger? Let us know what you think! Cheers The IOGEAR team

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