Best New Products - Keep Your Eyes Peeled for these Gadgets

August 5th, 2010

Next month, CEDIA will hold their annual tradeshow for installers, specialty resellers and distributors to showcase the hottest trends in home electronics. To honor the cream of the crop at this years show, the CEDIA panel of judges has just announced the finalists to the Manufacturers' Excellence Award for ‘Best New Product'. We don't like to boast here, but we can't help but proclaim our Wireless HD Kit has made it to the top of the list! We are going against some hefty competition, as you can see from Electronic House's 35 Best New Products slideshow. However, there will be ten winners from the ‘Best New Products' category, and we are hopeful our Wireless HD Kit will make the cut. This sucker packs quite the punch with its seamless multimedia streaming and visually appealing design. This product solution is ideal for any retrofit jobs or difficult to run cables type jobs. Check it out today! As we continue to innovate, finding convenient and environmentally friendly new ways of incorporating multimedia content into our entertainment setups is key. Our AVIOR line focuses on A/V solutions and we are continuing to add to the line with some great results. The Wireless HD Kit is just one component of our entire line. Have you used any of the products from IOGEAR's AVIOR line in your home? If so, what are your thoughts on their performance? Any input on new items you'd like to see included? Until next time, this is this IOGEAR team signing out!

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