Want a Connected Home? We’re Getting Closer by the Minute!

September 2nd, 2010

Yesterday, the interwebs went into overdrive as Steve Jobs took the stage for Apple's latest press conference in San Francisco. Although the biggest announcements were of changes to Apple's line of media products and services, what really grabbed our attention was the news of iTunes 10: Ping. The upgraded service, available as of yesterday, has taken the form of a music-centered social network, allowing users to follow people and their favorite artists. Using Ping, music fans can create a circle of friends, comment on their updates and find over 17,000 concert listings. Not only is it available on computers, but it's also accessible on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Pretty awesome, if you ask us. Ping Want a Connected Home? We're Getting Closer by the Minute!Image Credit With these sorts of advancements coming out of the tech space year after year, it's getting easier and easier for consumers to access and stream online content directly to their TVs via a multitude of devices. For instance, Apple's iOS 4.2 AirPlay software update coming out in November will enable iPad owners to stream content directly to their Apple TV. This announcement really demonstrates where the connected living room is headed as a whole. At IOGEAR, we've been making headway in total convergence technology solutions with the introduction of products such as our Wireless A/V Kit, which allows consumers to stream content from their PC to TV. Homes across the nation are steadily moving up the technology ladder and looking more and more like the home of the Jetsons. (We couldn't resist!)

wireless av kit Want a Connected Home? We're Getting Closer by the Minute!Wireless A/V Kit

In the coming months, we'll be announcing some great solutions that will continue to advance the connected living room and home entertainment, so keep a close eye here for more details. How streamlined is your home entertainment living space? What were you most excited to learn coming out of Apple's press conference? How do you interpret this news and its impact on how we connect with content today? Let us know your thoughts here on the blog, on Twitter or Facebook.

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