No Cable TV in Your Dorm Room? No Problem

September 16th, 2010

If you have become accustomed to unlimited cable TV access at home, you may be in for a rude awakening once you hit the dorm room. The good news is that most of the content you would find on cable TV can be found online legally and at a fraction of the cost (in many cases, free). In addition, you will find much more content on the Internet than is available on cable TV for a truly enhanced viewing experience. This post will give you the information you need to cut your cable TV ties, save money and enjoy your content through your high-speed Internet connection – all in the comfort of your dorm room. Monitor / TV The concept of a “TV” has certainly changed over the past few years, as traditional cable TV content is now viewed on computer monitors. Depending on your preference, your computer monitor may be all you need. If you do choose to purchase a TV, this guide should help you make the right choice. We suggest that if you go the TV route, choose one that can also serve as a computer monitor, extending your laptop or PC's viewing area. Connectivity iphone ipad to tv No Cable TV in Your Dorm Room? No Problem If you have an iPod or iPhone, you can use our new Composite AV Cable to view videos, photos and listen to music directly on your TV, home theater system or stereo receiver. This cable also allows you to charge and sync, so when you are done viewing, your iPod or iPhone will be freshly juiced. If you are looking to connect your PC to your TV, we recommend an HDMI cable. Be sure to research the type of connectivity your computer and the TV offers and opt for the best quality connection. If you prefer to go wire free, take a look at our award-winning Wireless AV Kit. Content Sources We previously wrote about the abundance of Internet based content, which should keep you busy for quite some time. In addition to entertainment focused solutions, with the spirit of education in mind, take a look at iTunes University for thousands of pre-recorded lectures from many universities. Also, be sure to take advantage of the online academy that Bill Gates has enrolled his kids in, the Kahn Academy. Will you still watch “traditional” cable TV at school? Are there some cable TV shows that prevent you from pulling the plug? What Internet content will you view most? Please share with us here on the blog, on Twitter or Facebook. Don't forget to check out our Back to School Checklist.

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