What’s in your Backpack?

September 21st, 2010

Now that school has started for most, we have a burning question – what's in your backpack? This question was asked over at Lifehacker with interesting results, so we thought we'd do the same. Here's how it works: post a list of those items you have in your backpack here in the blog, or post a photo on Flickr with the tag “IOGEAR Backpack” (be sure to include the quotes) and we'll offer some advice on how to reduce cables, extend the capabilities of the devices you carry or simply how to be digitally awesome! Following are some backpacks we found on Lifehacker where we thought some improvements could be made. This is an example of the type of advice we will give if you participate. Keeping it Simple, Keeping it Techie back to school backpack 1 What's in your Backpack? Source
  • While the BlackBerry and iPad may stay charged for the entire day, the Sprint Overdrive Mobile Hotspot could benefit from a spare Gear Power (or two), making sure that you stay connected when you need to most.
  • Turn that iPad into a TV when you get back to the dorm room with a Composite AV Cable.
Adam's Backpack back to school backpack2 What's in your Backpack? Source
  • For the times when you need finer precision than the PogoStick can offer, or you just want to experience that old sensation of pen to paper, there is the Digital Mobile Scribe, which allows you to write on paper, but save your notes onto your computer.
  • That MiFi's battery can drain pretty quickly, most likely right in the middle of uploading your homework, and that's why you should be carrying around some backup power.
Bag O' Stuff back to school backpack3 What's in your Backpack? Source
  • You'll want to keep a Gear Power or two handy for that battery hungry iPod Touch and the Bluetooth headset could likely use a refill later in the day.
  • Cut down the size on your Bluetooth Adaptor with an IOGEAR Bluetooth Micro Adaptor. It's small enough to leave attached to your laptop.
Now it's your turn. Please take some time and share what's in your backpack here on the blog, on Twitter, Flickr (remember the “IOGEAR Backpack” tag) or Facebook. And, don't forget to check out our back to school checklist, and to help ease the pain on your wallet, use coupon code iosep25n at www.ShopIOGEAR.com to save 25% on selected items.

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