New Market Opportunity – Wireless Retrofitting

September 23rd, 2010

“Retrofit” is the hot topic for many AV Installers. Why you ask? Just check out the stats below:
  • New Housing Starts have been decreasing since October of 2005 and have now leveled off at almost record lows. See the graph below:housing starts New Market Opportunity – Wireless RetrofittingSource
  • It is not possible for all installers to go after the “higher-end” market for home theater renovations/installations. According to Rob Gerhardt, founding father and former President of CEDIA says, “The rich will always be uber-rich, but they don't represent a future for you.” And, he adds, “…you don't want to be one of the many now chasing the only millionaire home theater project in town.”
  • Many homeowners are buying new 3D TV's with new Blu-ray players and 7.1 sound systems.“By year-end 2011, the number of units sold will triple from 2010, to about 12 million. By 2015, it will reach 78.1 million, a growth rate of about 80.2 percent.”- iSuppli & International Business Times
Therefore, the “retrofit” market could be a growth opportunity for you. However, a roadblock exists. Most of the purchasers of these new systems want all the benefits without the hassle and messiness of a home renovation. They either cannot afford it or don't want the trouble and the cost of walls being torn open, new wiring, painting, etc. Yet, they all want a home theater environment. We are not suggesting that wireless will replace cable/wire installs, but rather augment those solutions and allow the AV installer to utilize tools that can open a huge new market and even help get bids for jobs where they might have struggled with a complete solution. Below are a couple of suggestions to help get you there: AVIOR Wireless HD Kit This solution provides full 1080p Blu-ray quality in a “true” plug and go installation and can transmit the signal from a Blu-ray/DVD player in one room or a media cabinet/closet up to six receivers. Wireless Speakers “Technology has evolved to the point where setting up a wireless speaker system for the rear channel or a multi-room- installation, is often as simple as taking the wireless speaker kit out of the box and powering it on. Some affordable wireless systems like the Rocketfish RF-WHTIB are so good, that once installed, you would soon forget there are no wires!” - Practical Home Theater As we discover more information and examples of installations or products that can help you learn more about capitalizing on this growing business opportunity, we will continue to share that information with you via these short “Retrofit Business Tips.” You can subscribe to this special series of blog posts directly here via RSS. Are you interested in a career in home retrofitting? If so, tell us why right here on the blog, our Facebook page or Twitter.

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