Hands-free driving is right down the road …

October 15th, 2010

If you've been keeping up to speed on the latest announcements coming out of the tech world, you're probably aware of Google's recent news stemming from its latest project – the hands-free vehicle. Yep, Google's been testing computer-operated vehicles for a while now – in fact these cars have traveled an incredible 140,000 miles on major California roads, navigating through traffic patterns and abiding by speed limits!

google car Hands free driving is right down the road …

Image Credit Equipped with video cameras, radar sensors and lasers, the cars' computers are able to detect traffic and follow maps. During the testing phase, engineers would go along for the ride, ready to slam on the breaks or take the wheel if needed. The purpose behind this, you ask? Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt declared via the Google blog, “…prevent traffic accidents, free up people's time and reduce emissions…” This is just one more breakthrough in an ongoing global effort to help reduce unwanted collisions and fatalities on roads and highways. Google predicts that this new technology could help reduce traffic accidents and save about 600,000 lives a year worldwide. To top it, these cars will help reduce carbon emissions tremendously. Of the same mindset, IOGEAR has been developing products aiming to reduce waste and increase car safety, as evidenced in our Solar Bluetooth Caller Announce Hands Free Car Kit. This puppy uses the sun's rays to fuel itself and lets the driver focus on the road, able to make phone calls via voice command. As time progresses, it will be interesting to see if Google's hands-free vehicle becomes commonplace on our roads, as well as what other life-changing technologies will come to fruition to make our lives safer, and the planet greener. What do you think about computer-operated vehicles? Do you think there are too many risks involved, or do you see them as remedying collisions? Let us know here on our blog, on Twitter or our Facebook page.

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