6 Tips to Properly Setup Your Home Theater System

November 3rd, 2010

A faulty home theater setup can be one's worst nightmare. There are many reasons to make sure home entertainment electronics are assembled and connected properly since dangers and hazards can range from fires to electronic device blowouts. Did you know that many homeowners are still snaking wires throughout their home, which may cause unintended dangers beyond one's imagination? Our IOGEAR team wants to keep our readers safe, so we have some great suggestions on how you can avoid an unintentional fire or an appliance to blow out due to the outlet configuration. Image Credit 1. Properly wire speakers to the receiver: Use consistent polarity from each speaker to the receiver. Simply connect the appropriate speaker to the designated speaker terminals in the back of the receiver. If you are unsure of the polarity, check out this quick guide. 2. Use the right cables to connect your sources: Make sure you are not substituting cables for a particular device for another. That spells danger at some point. Here is a resource about the various HDMI cable options and this resource will help you understand audio/video cables and connectors. 3. Make sure your equipment is purchased from a competent and authorized dealer: It is vital that your home theater equipment (i.e. TV, DVD player, speakers, etc.) come from a dealer that backs its products should anything unexpected occur. Check customer service and return policies before you make your purchase. 4. Avoid snaking wires and plugging too many devices in the same outlet: Nothing spells danger more than the picture depicted above. Make sure you are either using a power strip that can handle the output needed for the devices plugged in, or use more than one outlet. 5. Aim for less wires: Nowadays, wires are becoming more and more obsolete, not only for visually appealing set-ups, but for safety and energy saving purposes. One product to consider is IOGEAR's Wireless HD Computer to TV Kit, which enables users to stream a variety of multimedia content directly from their computer (PC or Mac) to their TV, from up to 30 feet away, with minimal wires. 6. Hire a professional: As with many projects, it may serve your needs best to hire outside help. Ask your sales representative what is involved with setting up your system, and if he/she sounds as if they are speaking a foreign language, consider that a sign to commission outside help. For more information and resources, check out one of our previous posts: Do it Yourself Audio/Video Guide What are you doing to keep your home theater space safe from the hidden dangers that come with snaking wires and creating the octopus effect? Are you looking forward to a wireless future for your home theater setup? Tell us here or on our Facebook page.

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