Is Black Friday Dead Because of the Economy? Has Cyber Monday Taken Over?

November 24th, 2010

Because of the economy slowdown, we have been witness to Black Friday like deals all throughout the year. So will this Black Friday be anything special, or more of the same? Judging by the resources we are making available in this blog post, the answer is yes! Black Friday will still be a day to catch savings that ordinarily you would not have access to ... at least all at once.  Source One thing is for certain, here at IOGEAR, we have some amazing Black Friday offers to take advantage of. For example, we are giving away 50% off discount codes starting Friday 11/26 at Midnight PST. So stay tuned and be ready for some great savings. Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday So which has the best deals? This is a question only answered through pros and cons. For example, while you will find unbeatable door buster and freebies by standing in long Black Friday lines; however, the time savings you get shopping strictly online may provide an offset. Also, consider that many retailers are offering their Black Friday deals online, effectively becoming a Cyber Friday deal. Take a look at this closer examination by WalletPop and MSN has some thoughts with regards to strategy here. Small Business Saturday There is a new shopping phenomenon this weekend, for the first time we have a Small Business Saturday. With almost 1 Million people liking their FaceBook fan page, it looks like this movement has some legs. Why not support your local small business? Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2010 Tips These are general tips and tricks to help you navigate the shopping explosion this weekend: Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2010 Deal & Coupon Sites These sites aggregate all of the deals (Ads, coupons and more) in one place from many different sources: Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2010 on the iPhone and/or iPad If you need to have your Black Friday resources available on your iPhone, these are the resources for you: Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2010 on the Android Now with the Android gaining mainstream traction, we have a few good apps available to help facilitate your Black Friday weekend activities: Here are a few other resources: Black Friday & Cyber Monday on Twitter Of course, you will want to follow all your favorite stores, such as @IOGEAR :) -- here are some other Twitter feeds you want to keep track of: Don't forget to follow @IOGEARDeals for all the latest IOGEAR deals. We push out new Black Friday like deals every Monday and Tuesday. Black Friday & Cyber Monday on FaceBook For you Facebook fans out there, here are some fan pages that may be worthwhile for you to like: Of course, you also want to like our Facebook page to keep up to date on our latest deals. ;) IOGEAR Products

If you are specifically looking for great deals on IOGEAR products, first head on over to our Black Friday page and follow us on Twitter. Then, take a look at some these great deals some of our re-sellers are offering: What deals are you hungry to find? Have you found any awesome IOGEAR product deals out in the wild? Do you have any resources we should add to our list? Share them with us here on the blog, on Twitter or FaceBook.

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