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November 30th, 2010

With a mantra like “Connectivity through Convergence,” the engineering and design teams from IOGEAR are dedicated to keeping abreast of all the latest developments in cabling, inputs/outputs and wireless technology. It can be a burdensome task to try and track every development, so we rely on a few key sites to provide news about emerging and evolving connectivity solutions. Source With that in mind, one of the most significant communication interfaces to emerge for computers over the last 20 years is the universal serial bus (USB). With roughly two-billion USB devices sold yearly, you're probably working with at least one USB-connected mouse, keyboard or phone adapter right now. The only downfall with universal adoption and manufacturing of USB-enabled products, is the quality gap between reputable manufacturers and USB snake oil. Fortunately, there's a USB watch-dog looking out in the form of an exhaustive, all-things-USB website. Appropriately named, this connectivity supersite includes forums, a blog, FAQs, product reviews and more, all aimed at educating the masses on, you guessed it, everything USB. Recently, the site even featured a certain wireless keyboard, proving they have a finger on the pulse of important industry USB news, such as the future of USB 3.0. IOGEAR is committed to creating USB adapters, converters, extenders, cables and any other solutions that will help consumers enhance the connectivity of their entertainment and productivity devices. Our ability to stay on top of new and emerging technologies is a key part of achieving this goal, and the demand for wireless USB options has us working overtime to create some exciting new products for 2011. We want to hear from you though, what USB applications are you excited about or would like to see in the future? Please drop us a note here in the blog or on Facebook. Don't forget, as a Club IOGEAR member you can save 30% off IOGEAR products at if you act before December 31, 2010.

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