Has Streaming Media Finally Becoming Mainstream?

December 13th, 2010

An interesting thing happened recently. The number of U.S. households that subscribe to cable and other paid TV services fell for the first time since the dawn of cable – by about 335,000 households over the last two quarters out of about 100 million. Time Warner Inc. also recently commented that it expects its HBO pay-TV service to decline by 1.5 million subscribers this year. Whether this projected decrease can be pinpointed on economic changes or promotional pricing as Time Warner indicated, one thing is clear – technology has been developing in such a way that consumers have been able to replace their cable subscriptions with content streaming from the web. Take for instance companies like Netflix that have been able to expand their services to include streaming-video delivery. As Internet-connected TVs and disc players have increased in popularity, so has the ability to enjoy streamed content in any room of the home. No matter how you look at it, the rise of streamed media services is a win for consumers. There are now a growing number of offerings consumers can choose from to best meet their digital entertainment needs and preferences. On the portable device side of the discussion, take for example, our Composite AV Cable, which gives Apple mobile device users a simple, affordable way to watch videos, stream content using the Netflix app, view photos and listen to music from their device on a TV or home theater setup. Additionally, there are solutions like our Wireless HD Computer to TV Kit that enable consumers to stream audio and HD video content from their computer to a TV, monitor or projector from a distance of up to 30 feet away via a single HDMI connection. If you want to pick one up, use this coupon code, GUW30OFF, for 30% off (expires December 31, 2010). How have streaming services impacted the way you consume entertainment? What connectivity devices do you use most to enjoy your favorite videos, photos and music? Tell us here on our blog or company Facebook page.

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