Finding Entertainment has Never Been More Social

December 17th, 2010

The greatest challenge of putting together a home entertainment system is often choosing what components to install. Display devices alone give you the options of LCD, plasma, OLED, projectors and 3D. Once the display is in place there's Blu-ray players, digital audio convertors (DAC), gaming systems and a myriad number of A/V cables and other components, each with its own specific feature set and appeal to the end user. Fortunately, if you've taken the time to install a Wireless HD Computer to TV Kit as part of the process; finding movies, TV shows and streaming online content can be done much more intuitively with the help of the Internet. However, an exciting development to this functionality was recently revealed on the LA Times Tech Blog with an announcement involving Facebook and popular Internet TV guide Clicker. According the Times' blog post by Jessica Guynn: When users arrive at Clicker while logged into Facebook, they will instantly get suggestions for television shows and movies based on what they and their friends have said they like on Facebook and elsewhere on the Web using Facebook's “Like” button. For example, if your friends like “Glee,” chances are Clicker will recommend it... Users will also be able to see comments and reviews from their friends. Given that Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the Internet and TV Guide still manages to stay in print (as well as online), this was a good move for the social media giant, a better move for Clicker, and the best move for fans of streaming content and TV. Let's be real, while we respect the ratings given by third party media, we're much more likely to view content if it's recommended by friends or family. What are your thoughts; do you consider TV watching a social activity and would you use Clicker to find content based on peer preferences? Don't forget to share your favorite streaming media web sites with us for a chance to win an iPad! Check out the details here.

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