Tablets Take Hold of the PC Market

December 27th, 2010

According to analyst firm Gartner, PC sales are expected to slow in 2011 due to several factors, including increased tablet popularity and enduring economic hardship for both consumers and businesses. In fact, Gartner anticipates that media tablets will displace around 10 percent of the PC market by 2014. Source Other research firms are reporting similar findings. For instance, NPD Group has found the average retail price of PCs to currently be up by 6 percent after experiencing a record low last November. The firm explains that this price increase is being driven by several factors including pressures from new tablet solutions and low-priced netbooks. Actions of retailers also back up these findings. For example, Amazon has put its bets behind the tablet craze by launching a dedicated shopping page exclusively for the category. So why the shift to tablet solutions? Gartner's analysts are saying that it is because tablets are being viewed as more innovative devices that offer ‘better dedicated compute capabilities'. We are placing our bets on a shift in consumer interests. People want to be able to share and consume their favorite content when and where they like. Tablets offer that flexibility, along with apps that help personalize the device. Plus there are plenty of accessories to bring the experience to a big screen for an immersive entertainment experience with products such as our Composite AV Cable. It appears that the enjoyment of movies, music, photos and apps in a mobile format have become the drivers of what consumers are looking to purchase in the months ahead. And with this demand comes a decrease in prices of other consumer electronics products, truly reinforcing the statement that ‘content is king'. Are you planning to purchase a new tablet, PC or laptop? Do you agree with this data that there is a growing popularity around tablet devices? Why do you think that might be? Do you think that content may be the driving force or is there another factor? Tell us here on our blog or company Facebook page. Don't forget to enter our Streaming Media contest for a chance to win an iPad! It's easy and all the details are right here.

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