Companies Recognize the Possibilities of Internet TV

January 17th, 2011

A few weeks ago, we commented on the potential setbacks that may be experienced around Google TV, due to its requests for TV makers to delay their planned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January 2011 introductions. It looks like these software refinements may open the door for other companies and technologies to make their stake in the next-generation TV-watching experience. For instance, Sears has just launched an online movie download service, Alphaline Entertainment, allowing Sears and K-Mart customers to download movies the same day they are released on DVD. The service runs on Sonic Solutions' RoxioNow platform, and will be rolled out on portable media players, mobile phones and HDTVs. It will be interesting to watch how consumers respond to retailers entering the space of digital delivery of video and TV, putting them up as direct competitors against companies as Netflix, Google and Recent reports have also been seen from D-Link regarding its Boxee Box product and better than expected sales. The company's set-top box Internet TV media streaming product hit the store shelves just a few months back in September and the Boxee Box appears to be doing quite well. In fact, the company expects to sell 100,000 units during 2011. So, while we wait to see what will happen with Google TV, other companies are set to benefit on the demand for streamed content right now. Are you willing to wait for some of these services to hit the market, or are you going to purchase an Internet TV solution in the next few months? Would you prefer to purchase a TV with built-in Internet TV functionality, or is the addition of a set-top box type of device better for your current needs? Tell us here on our blog or company Facebook page.

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