About.com Beckons Feedback for the Readers Choice Awards

January 24th, 2011

One group of sites we've been exceptionally fond of over the years is the New York Times Media owned About.com sites. Covering everything from acne to zoology, the About.com family of websites leverages reviews and insider knowledge to share information about various products, services and trends on the market. Once a year, the About.com family solicits Readers Choice Awards from its millions of visitors offering a democratic way for readers to choose the content, products and services that mean the most to them. IOGEAR is fortunate to qualify for two different categories listed below. Mobile Office Technology – Perhaps the Solar Bluetooth Caller Announce Hands-Free Car KitiPhone & iPod Accessories – Nothing powers in a pinch with style like the Leather Case for iPhone with Built-in Battery Pack Sadly, the home theater category only recognizes displays, source devices and audio equipment for entries, but we'd also love a strong write-in campaign for HTPC accessories such as wireless keyboards, wireless HD Streaming kits as well as KVM, DVI, HDMI and other switching/adapter devices. In combing through the fine print, the team from About.com states: Voting for nominations will run through February 4 just before midnight. Then site visitors will be able to vote on the finalists for these awards (2011 Readers' Choice Award winners will be announced on March 15). There's no prize -- just the bragging rights that come with getting recognized by the readers of a leading website owned by The New York Times Co. You can learn more about the awards in general at: http://awards.about.com. We'd love to have your vote for our products and look forward to more convergence through connectivity in 2011.

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