Beyond Imagination, Hacks Tumble Boundaries for Kinect Gaming Technology

February 2nd, 2011

With Microsoft's ambivalence and a set of open source tools available to hack the Kinect motion-control gaming system, unchecked enthusiasts with creative, industrial and entrepreneurial motivations are increasingly using the technology and their imaginations to explore new applications. A recent CNET article, Hacking Kinect: Setting sci-fi in motion, goes in-depth on the topic, exploring the potential of controlling software with body movements. Hackers have already given the world hand control of Angry Birds via an iPod Touch and some erotic offerings, and further speculation ranges from robots to research to whatever the mind can conceive. From a convergence perspective, meshing motion control technology with activities like, streaming content from a computer to TV, could create new ways to manage and control music, videos, photos and other content. IOGEAR has a number of HD streaming kits, adapters and wireless keyboards to help connect everything together and turn a gaming console into the control hub for all different kinds of media. Filmmakers and game designers also stand to benefit from the creative opportunities of open source motion control design. The creative possibilities for low-cost motion capture elements to be used in movies, music videos and other visual arts could usher new forms of expression through technology. As Kinect hackers become more sophisticated, the demand for greater connectivity and convergence with other electronic devices will increase, and motion control will work its way into our everyday lives. Much like we are doing for 3D with our Wireless 3D Media Kit, IOGEAR recognizes the increasing role gaming consoles and motion control play in traditional AV entertainment and will develop innovative products accordingly. Only time will tell what hackers have in store, but CNET writer Daniel Terdimen aptly sums it up with this assessment, “… what's clear is that the Kinect hacking community is determined to push the limits of the new device far, far beyond what executives back in Redmond, Wash.--Microsoft's headquarters--ever imagined.” What do you think the future of motion control gaming and technology has in store? Please share your thoughts with us here on the blog or on Facebook.

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