IOGEAR’s New KVM Switch Ranks High on AV Coolness Factor

February 25th, 2011

AV products follow a hierarchy of coolness. You could argue a Kaleidescape or Sooloos server are at the cool end of the spectrum while products like HDMI cables, adapters and interconnects skew towards the necessary, but not worth talking about to your friends end of the spectrum. In between are all the myriad of output devices like projectors, HD TVs, speakers, Blu-ray players and more. The funny thing about defining a AV coolness factor is that sometimes the most mundane sounding products actually allow other AV devices to improve their coolness factor, even adding new functionality that wasn't there before. Case in point: IOGEAR's new 2-Port Dual View Dual-Link DVI KVMP Switch may just look like a small black box with a variety of inputs and outputs, but take a closer look, and one can envision dozens of practical applications for this KVM product, both at home and in commercial settings. Before jumping into all the useful ways this product can be used, it helps to know exactly what a 2-Port Dual View Dual-Link DVI KVMP Switch (or GCS1642) does. There are KVM switches galore to choose from, but only IOGEAR's includes a rich feature set that allows sharing of video on two dual-link DVI monitors from a single console while also supporting audio, 3D Graphics and the highest resolutions for commercial or home settings. If that's not enough to get you fired up, the GCS1642 also features two USB 2.0 peripheral ports for asynchronously sharing USB devices between computers. You're probably asking yourself, “Asynchronous sharing of USB devices is cool, but how can this work in my everyday life?” We're glad you asked. First of all, connecting the GCS1642 means you have access to DynaSync Technology which remembers a monitor's ideal resolution and refresh rate (EDID), making it possible to boot all connected computers simultaneously, switch back and forth, and still maintain native video setting for the monitor. IOGEAR's new DVI KVMP switch also has complete keyboard and mouse emulation for error free booting and real-time switching. While the 2-Port Dual View Dual-Link DVI KVMP Switch is not for the casual gamer or the weekend movie watcher, hardcore gamers will fully appreciate the ability to do double the damage with a wider viewing area while having hotkey access to keyboards and other gaming control devices. From the industrial side, medical facilities are a definite benefactor. In teaching hospitals especially, invasive surgery is magnified and viewed by med students on HD displays that could certainly benefit from shared screens and quick toggling between USB devices to show different perspectives. If surgery is not your thing, even nightclubs or sports bars running content from Home Theater PCs, media servers (Sooloos or Kaleidescape anyone?) or other USB capable computers can improve their efficiency and save money by not having to purchase additional source components. Beyond the realm of entertainment and medicine, there are important applications in the fields of engineering, graphic design, photography, video editing, education , gaming and anywhere else HD displays are used with PCs and USB peripherals. 2-Port Dual View Dual-Link DVI KVMP Switches may not be the first thing people think of when defining the AV coolness factor, but there's no questioning the GCS1642's ability to add unique functionality that's not easy to find. As an added convenience, IOGEAR also provides a KVM Switch Selector to help customers determine the best solution. A series of nine questions are asked relating to the type of computer, number of ports and feature requirements, and once answered, the program suggests the best possible IOGEAR KVM Switch based on hardware and usage requirements. Have you ever used a KVM switch or similar product? We'd love to hear how and why you integrated it into your AV system. Let us know here on our blog or over at Facebook. Don't forget to check out our current contest where we are giving away one of our MiniView™ Micro USB PLUS KVM Switch with audio and cables!

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