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February 28th, 2011

While the market is slowly making a rebound according to CEPro's State of the Industry 2011, both existing and new homeowners are still looking to maximize their dollars. The funds might not be in their budget for lavish vacations in faraway lands, resulting in more families spending time together at home. In doing so, their meeting place often tends to be in the family room, on comfortable couches and in front of large HD televisions. Image Source More money is being allocated into the budget of a home theater or media room when buying a home.Many homeowners who were thinking of selling have decided to keep their current house while the market levels out, choosing instead to make upgrades. The family room, den or basement are prime candidates for conversions into home theaters. What they are buying though, is anything but the same old components. It's no surprise that the most requested items in a home theater setup are large, flat panel HD TVs (plasma or LCD), all the required HDMI cables, touch-sensitive remotes, Blu-Ray players and 7.1 audio surround systems. What is surprising, however, is the inclusion of wireless HD setups that collectively link PC to TV setups. Among the boom in this trend is the ease of retrofitting an existing wired system to include a Home Theater Personal Computer, commonly referred to as an HTPC, and new installations by the home owner themselves. No longer does a contractor have to come in and run complex cables through walls, ceilings and floors, nor does a computer need to be running right next to the TV. Rather a home owner can painlessly hook up even their laptop that's sitting on a coffee table between the couch and TV at their convenience and stream the latest shows right from HULU. What is most appealing is the comparative cost to run a wireless setup from a PC to TV. Right off the bat it's easy to assume wired would be cheaper, as it's an established technology. However, this article points out the added costs of labor associated with a wired solution and the physical limitations. The other major problem with a wired solution is your room is now set up only for that particular setup, leaving you no flexibility down the line to change the layout. Wireless on the other hand is extremely flexible way to transmit HD content between devices and gives the homeowner the most freedom to change the layout of their room, and placement of hardware. This trend of including home theaters will continue to grow; homeowners and families have been making decisions to stay at home and enjoy time together now more than ever. It's also an exciting time from a technology standpoint, as the available devices and gear has never offered so much, at such an affordable price. Do you have a home theater? Are any parts of your setup wireless? Have you joined in on the streaming revolution? We would love to hear your comments here on the blog or on Facebook.

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