Is it time to Change the Definition of Mobility?

March 2nd, 2011

Say the word “mobility” in the context of technology and you're likely to get people thinking about smartphones, Blackberries, iPads and the ever-growing number of mobile accessories that allow us to do everything from answer our phones with no hands to powering our mobile devices with no AC outlet. New technologies and functionality are ushered into the mobility segment on a daily basis. Most of the advancements are introduced with one or two goals in mind: making life more convenient and/or giving us better access to and management of content. By definition, mobility is just the quality of being mobile with “mobile” defined as, capable of moving or being moved readily.  Image Source By this definition, a Q-tip could be considered a “mobility” product, but for the sake of argument, we're focusing on AV connectivity and convergence products that may not fit in the traditional view of “mobility.” Inside the home may not seem like a place where mobility products would be in high-demand, but a closer look reveals quite the opposite. The very notion of convergence epitomizes a healthy marriage between computer and AV devices. Often, the best way to foster technology matrimony is with an input device like a wireless keyboard that can toggle seamlessly between PC and TV; managing content, inputting data and eliminating the need to juggle multiple devices. You may not be able to stash a wireless keyboard in your briefcase, but few input devices offer the same level of functionality around the home. With features like custom hotkeys, no line of site needed and the optical trackball, IOGEAR has turned a simple input device into an invaluable Home Theater PC and productivity controller. Mobility is evolving into a lifestyle more than a segment of products. The ability to access our entire professional and social networks at the touch of a button is still a relatively new concept, but completely changing how business is done and relationships are built. Add to this our ability to share, produce and manage content without being tethered to a chair in an office, we see that the definition of mobility is evolving daily. How do you define a mobility product and what are your favorite IOGEAR offerings? Do have an example of how one of our products has helped you become more mobile? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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