Discover How QR Codes Help Educate Consumers

March 23rd, 2011

QR codes have in great part; as discussed last week, helped to educate and inform consumers beyond the ways traditional marketing and signage could ever hope to. They have made shopping interactive and fun, by simply using your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows 7, Blackberry) to scan a barcode and open a whole new world of available information. Here's a guided tour to how these QR codes can work for you. Start by scanning this QR code with your smartphone's camera with the appropriate app (iPhone, Android, Windows 7 or  A web browser in your phone should open up to this page:  Designed to be smartphone-friendly and fit the screens of all modern smartphones, it's easy to navigate with just the touch of your finger. Almost instantly you're shown a photo of the IOGEAR GUWAVKIT2, Wireless HD Computer to TV Kit. Just like a traditional website, you can now educate yourself about this product, see how it works and why you need to integrate it into your home computer and television setup. The first link is for the Intro, and gives you a brief overview of the product and some quick features.  The Features tab goes over, in great detail, every aspect of the HD Computer to TV Kit, with specific pages for each section.  Curious how the HDMI Connector works? Touch it and a close up view of the connection and more information is provided.  Note the Menu option on the top right will always take you back to the first screenfor added convenient. Next, the Functions screen shows a real world rendering of how you'd use the product:  In the Gallery, you'll view the product and be able to zoom in to its specific parts:  Again, all easily done with the touch of your finger. And to further explore the product, enter the 360 / Zoom Gallery, and take full control of viewing the item from a variety of angles:  And lastly, you will find comprehensive Specs on the item. Educating yourself with the help of QR codes is a fun and convenient way to instantly get information to help you make an informed buying decision, when you want and even share it with friends. Since QR codes instantly take you to useful information via an app on your smartphone, there's no more hunting and pecking around the keyboard since the hard work has already been done and pertinent information from the website is only a touch away. Aim, shoot, open and explore a whole new world, thanks to QR Codes. This is our first attempt at using QR codes to make things easier for our customers. What useful ways have you seen QR codes used with other companies? Do you have any suggestions that could help us better serve you with this technology? We would love to hear your ideas, comments and feedback right here on the blog or at our Facebook page. Now its time to go ahead and put what you have learned to action. Scan the QR code below and save 15% at!

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