Easy Internet Connectivity or 3D Frills?

May 3rd, 2011

With CNET reporting that 123 million connected TV's will ship in 2014, it's clear there's mounting demand for a single screen that can give us access to all of our traditional TV content and our web content at the same time. While many predicted 3D to be the driving force behind future video purchases, it is clear Internet connectivity means more to consumers than goofy glasses.  Source And while early-adopters with disposable income will flock to the new smart sets, many mainstream consumers will be left wondering how they can get in on the action without replacing a practically new 50-inch 1080p LCD. Fortunately, solutions exist that provide a connected TV experience without actually requiring a new TV. Two of the benefits of connected TV are the apps and on-demand features, which provide convenient access to a wealth of content not available on “dumb” TVs. Additionally, if you introduce a USB to HD adapter to the mix, it's just like adding a video card to your PC, providing an instant connection for watching HD quality video or other content on a flat panel TV. No need to buy another set. For a wireless solution, the Wireless Audio Video Kit can stream the content from PC to TV through the air. With few easy steps, you can eliminate cables and relocate the PC, but keep the Internet connection, making it an integral part of your media consumption experience. Add a wireless keyboard and you can easily browse the Internet, watch online video, or edit spreadsheets on the flat-panel TV, without ever leaving the couch or recliner. Prophesying about the future, the CNET writer quotes a DisplaySearch analyst report stating:
Looking ahead, DisplaySearch sees the connected TV market splitting apart. One group of televisions will feature "basic video on demand [and] appeal to consumers who expect TV to remain a passive experience," the research firm projects. Those who are looking for something more substantial will find other sets offering "configurable apps, sophisticated search and navigation engines, and advanced user interfaces."
While the future holds many possibilities and prices will likely drop as Connected TVs become more prevalent, there's no need to wait until 2014 to bring an Internet experience to your TV. With a few inexpensive AV convergence accessories, you can have the same experience at a fraction of the cost. If you already own a Connected TV, how's the experience been? If not, how important is having a Connected TV and why would you consider purchasing?

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