Technology Tops Man Cave Wish Lists

May 23rd, 2011

When it comes to design elements in a home, men are usually on the outside looking in. And while many men are not overly concerned with duvet covers, throw pillows and the shade of yellow going in the bathroom, they still deserve and enjoy a say in the process, even if it's just lip service. A better way to get men involved in the design process, however, is to give them a blank palate to work with…like a man cave. Source The origin of the term is tough to pinpoint, but the concept has grown exponentially based on a DIY network show appropriately named Man Caves. Two men, one designer and one ex-football player descend upon one lucky dude's abode, learn a bit about him, and proceed to build a personalized in-home retreat where the only pink to be found is in a bottle of Pepto handy for washing down piles of buffalo wings or nachos. Constructing a man cave doesn't necessarily mean a second mortgage for the house. While some men go all out for their home team or personal passion, most men are just happy to have a dedicated spot where they can watch, listen to and smell like they want. The personalized space is the real appeal but David Lupberger, home improvement specialist for offers this take in a recent video, “It has more to do with digital and wireless than it does with paint colors or faux finishes.” Going a step further, the site offers the following stats on items men desire in their man caves:
  1. Flat screen TV (75%)
  2. Recliner (69%)
  3. Stereo (68%)
  4. Refrigerator (67%)
  5. DVD player (67%)
  6. Computer (65%)
  7. Bar (64%)
Based on the fact that only the bar and recliner don't require power (unless it's a massage chair), it's clear the desire for converging entertainment is in high demand for today's modern man. The rough part is convincing the wife, girlfriend or checkbook in the equation that the home requires this extra set of devices. It may be an uphill battle, but IOGEAR is here to help. Instead of buying a separate computer for the downstairs, utilize an existing laptop with our Wireless HD Computer to TV Kit to provide a connected TV experience without purchasing one of the uber-expensive new TV sets. Aside from extending the laptop screen to a big screen, the HD kit can also stream a music library or Internet radio from your computer to your home theater system, potentially saving on a pricey AV receiver. Plus, if you throw a wireless keyboard into the mix, you can Trash Tweet with Chad Ochocinco, work on fantasy baseball trades and write lamenting blog posts about the NFL lockout, without leaving your seat in the cave. Since many man caves are re-finished basements or garages, proper wiring was not always taken into account. For that reason, something like the Universal Wi-Fi N Adapter might be useful for things like gaming consoles and Blu-ray players, which feature an Ethernet connection. If running cables through the floor or wall isn't your thing, this little adapter allows these devices to pick up a Wi-Fi signal without a single cable cluttering your man space. Streaming Netflix and online gaming will become much tidier, something the ladies will like. The days of a family huddling around the radio listening to a ballgame are long gone, having been replaced by HD TVs, surround sound systems and other devices that practically give us the in-game or movie theater experience at home. Considering the growing popularity of Staycations, a technology-driven man cave is not only a masculine retreat, but potentially a long-term money saver. We'd like feedback from both sexes: Ladies – Would you be cool with a dedicated man cave in the home? How much is a reasonable budget? Guys – What would you include in your ultimate man cave: mechanical bull, cocktail waitresses, kegerator? If you already have a man cave, we'd love to see pictures Tweeted to us or shared on the Facebook wall.

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