On the Verge of Convergence Explosion

June 17th, 2011

Convergence” is one of those budding buzzwords that marketers and even scientists use when describing the prolonged combination or mixing of various entities. The blending together of traditional and social media is one example as is the simultaneous inward movement of eyes towards each other.  Source Blurred media and crossed eyes aside, the most relevant form of convergence is happening in our living rooms and offices. Traditional forms of entertainment, like radio and TV, are being re-invigorated by a new breed of AV and computer accessories that allow formerly disjointed systems, to work in harmony. Echoing this sentiment is a trade industry publication called Dealerscope, which recently pegged convergence as THE driving force for consumer electronics sales as we head into the second half of 2011 and beyond. Culling information from interviews with the magazine's annual 40 Under 40 list of young consumer electronics leaders, convergence was a common theme among those who responded. Quoting the article, Mid-Year Prediction: Convergence To Drive CE,
“We'll see more technologies being brought into tablet devices that will involve HDMI jacks, and consumer formats that fit the AV world. Your TV is just the gateway drug… The proliferation of high-speed broadband into the home, along with more robust home networks, will continue to change how and where people consume video and audio.”
IOGEAR's product development has always accepted the TV as a hub (or gateway drug) and considered how TV can be used to enhance the digital home experience. The convergence concept has really become a rallying point for consumers and installers considering new wireless AV streaming and other technologies. Think about the number of devices you interact with on a daily basis. We have content stored on laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, NAS storage devices, desktops, digital music players, DVRs and even in the cloud. Currently, not all of this content is readily available from all access points at all times, but that's where we're headed, Netflix Instant Streaming and HBO GO for example. Currently, we have solutions like the iPhone/iPad Composite AV Cable and the Wireless AV Kit for bringing non-networked content on our devices to a display, but we're merely scratching the surface of what's to come. Imagine a scenario where your iPad can act as a complete control device for the entire home. Take the idea of having a TV remote, but make it a tablet and have it control everything from lights and thermostats, to the music that is playing and what will be downloaded for Friday movie night. The best part is, it's already happening. There will always be a need for accessories, connectors, and devices that make these convergence scenarios possible, and that's why IOGEAR is committed to the Convergence through Connectivity ethos. What convergence advancements would you like to see? Does the concept of an iPad controllable home appeal to you? Let us know here on the blog, on Facebook and/or on Twitter.

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