IOGEAR Helps Ignite High Performance Racing Systems

August 15th, 2011

Because IOGEAR products often work behind the scenes, they don't always get the wow factor attention like a huge flatscreen TV or audiophile grade speakers. In fact, many of our KVM products and convergence accessories are stashed out of sight, happily performing their duties with no fanfare. Occasionally, we catch wind of an application in a specific industry that warrants mentioning.  Source Motorheads or anyone who's spent considerable time tweaking high-performance cars knows the name MSD Ignition. The company is a leader in high performance vehicle ignition controls as well as Pro-Billet Distributors, performance coils (including coil packs for late models), helpful accessories and some of the best spark plug wires available with 8.5mm Super Conductors. In order to get some of these high performance products working, software downloads are occasionally required, and that's where IOGEAR fits in. In the case of the MSD Power Grid System Controller, sometimes a USB to Serial Connection is required to get the advanced ignition technology configured. In describing why MSD recommends IOGEAR's USB to Serial/PDA Converter Cable over all others, their website had this to say:
“MSD has discovered the majority of USB to Serial communications problems are derived from device driver software. The device driver software is included with the USB to Serial Port Adapter by the adapter manufacturer. The device driver software must pass Microsoft Windows driver certification in order to operate the adapter correctly. IOGEAR has updated device driver software available for download on their website that is compatible with Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit versions. MSD Ignition recommends the use of the IOGEAR USB adapter over other manufacturers.” 
We're grateful for the endorsement and love the fact that IOGEAR products are helping MSD and NHRA Pro Stock drivers work a little more efficiently. If you've used IOGEAR products in an interesting way or at work, let us know about it on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments. We'll be happy to blog about it.

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