Keep your iOS and Android gadgets charged while on the go

September 15th, 2011

With our new GearPower High Capacity Mobile Power Station (GMP6600P) you don't have to worry about getting caught on the road without a charge, whether it's an Apple iOS or Google Android powered device. And at a $79.95 MSRP you don't have pay $100+ to do so!  Using the smart LED capacity display, you always know how much charge is left at a glance. So relax while the Mobile Power Station charges two of your devices simultaneously. Yes, that's right … two! The Mobile Power Station sports both 1A and 2.1A charging points delivering a 6600 mA charge. Concerned about portability? The GearPower fits in your pocket and is easily chargeable either with a wall outlet or the USB port on your computer. Now, you can keep your devices (smartphones, cell phones, tablets, iPad 1 & 2, iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry devices, Digital cameras, most mp3 players and most devices which plug into a USB, or Micro-USB power source) charged up when you are on the road. So whether you are a student on the go or a business professional with a long commute, the Mobile Power Station has you covered. Find out more with this cool demo. What do you think? Can you come up with some uses for this device? Please share your thoughts with us here on the blog, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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